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2004 New York City General Election Results

See a full list of candidates running for State Legislature in New York City.

Gotham Gazette looks at some of the most competitive races and what the candidates promise to do for their communities.

Following The Velella Legacy (State Senate District 34 - Bronx/Westchester)
• Another Rivera in the Bronx? (Assembly District 80 - Bronx)
• Education, Co-Op City, and an Open Seat (Assembly District 82 - Bronx)

• The Lingering Power of Roger Green's Incumbency (Assembly District 57 - Brooklyn: Fort Greene, Prospect Heights)

• Democrat vs. Republican Battle Over East Harlem (State Senate District 28 - East Harlem)
• Adam Clayton Powell Faces Allegations And A Race (Assembly District 68 - Harlem)

• NY's First Asian-American Assemblymember? (Assembly District 22 - Flushing, Queens)

Staten Island
• A Divided District (State Senate District 23 - Staten Island/Brooklyn)
• Republican Feud (Assembly District 62 - Staten Island)

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Albany Debacle
Several members of the State Legislature recently have pled guilty to criminal charges or are being investigated. But this is nothing new. Albany has long been called the most dysfunctional legislative body in the country. A look at why, and why it won't be fixed anytime soon.

Blame Albany
How Albany Controls New York City
Will Albany Scandals Lead to Reform?
Albany Rules?
Upstate Downstate Debate


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