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All district boundaries are the new ones, reflecting changes after the 2002 redistricting by the New York State Legislature.

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Important Dates for 2002:

June 18 - First day party candidates can gather signatures for petitions

July 25 - Last day to file petitions

August 12 - New York City Board Of Elections begins hearings on challenges to petitions

August 16 - Last day to register in person or by mail for the primary election

September 10 - Primary Election

September 30 - Certification of general election ballot by State Board of Elections

October 11 - Last day to register in person or by mail for the general election

November 5 - General Election

What is Eye On Albany Campaign 2002?

We are a guide to the races for New York City representatives to the New York State Legislature.

Who cares about the New York State Legislature?

You should. The New York State Senate and the New York State Assembly, though based in Albany, control much that is vital to the lives of residents of New York City, including how much rent and taxes you pay, who controls the schools your children attend, how Lower Manhattan will be rebuilt, and whether the water you drink is clean.

Why do you call it Eye On Albany?

Why not? We are keeping an eye out on all 91 contests for seats representing New York City, with a separate page for each race -- and, since most of the candidates are incumbents, assessments of their voting records.
Who are we?

We are, an award-winning web site about New York City that last year brought you Searchlight on Campaign 2001, which received national recognition for offering the most comprehensive coverage by any publication, online or off, of the local NYC races. Our publisher is Citizens Union Foundation, which is the research and education arm of one of the oldest good-government groups in the city (founded in 1897). Staff of Gotham Gazette.

Eye On Albany 2002 is a guide to the races for the 91 seats of the New York State Legislature that represent residents of New York City.

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