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All district boundaries are the new ones, reflecting changes after the 2002 redistricting by the New York State Legislature.

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Important Dates for 2002:

June 18 - First day party candidates can gather signatures for petitions

July 25 - Last day to file petitions

August 12 - New York City Board Of Elections begins hearings on challenges to petitions

August 16 - Last day to register in person or by mail for the primary election

September 10 - Primary Election

September 30 - Certification of general election ballot by State Board of Elections

October 11 - Last day to register in person or by mail for the general election

November 5 - General Election

Take a look at all the latest results for the November 5, 2002 general election.


  • Jennifer Daniels (Gre)
  • Mary Donohue (Rep/Con/Ind) Incumbent
  • Elon Harpaz (Wor)
  • Dennis Mehiel (Dem/Wor)
  • Stasia T. Vogel (RTL)


Mary Donohue (Rep/Con/Ind), former teacher and attorney, is the incumbent Lieutenant Governor and was elected on November 3, 1998. She has served on the New York State Supreme Court, and was a district attorney in Rensselaer County. She graduated from the College of New Rochelle, received a Master's of Science in Education from Russell Sage College, and received her law degree from the Albany Law School of Union University in 1983.

* * * * * *

Charlie King (Dem/Lib/Wor) recently served as President Clinton's top official for the Department of Housing and Urban Development ("HUD") in the New York and New Jersey regions. In addition, King has served on the board of the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone. He is a graduate of Brown University and New York University School of Law. King currently lives in Rockland County with his wife and two young daughters.

* * * * * *

Dennis Mehiel (Dem/Wor) served in the United States Army and is a former member of the New York City Campaign Finance Board. He serves as a board member and treasurer of the New York League of Conservation Voters.

Click below to see official records from the state Campaign Finance board of financial disclosure reports filed by the candidates so far this year, including information on contributors:


1. Rent Regulation: The current rent regulation laws expire in June 2003. Supporters of rent regulation hope that the current provisions will be extended for another five years and that the legislature will repeal the provision which deregulates apartments that rent for $2,000 or more a month. The State Assembly passed such a bill this year, but it died in the Senate in the face of opposition from Majority Leader Joseph Bruno. If the Legislature does not take concerted action in June, rent regulation in New York City will end.

2. Commuter Tax: In 1999, when the State Legislature repealed the Commuter Tax, the city's economy was good. Reinstatement of the Commuter Tax is likely to come up again this Spring as the City's economy takes a turn for the worse.

3. School Funding: Even with mayoral control of the school system, more than 40 percent of New York City's school funding comes from Albany. Next year's budget will determine how much money New York City's schools will get from the state.

4. Rockefeller drug laws: New York's drug laws, passed in 1973 by Governor Nelson Rockefeller, are among the harshest in the nation. The Democratic-controlled Assembly, Republican-controlled Senate, and the Governor have not been able to agree on how to reform these laws, look for renewed negotiations and new legislation in the next term.

5. Minumum Wage: Currently set at $5.15 an hour, Democrats will likely propose raising the minimum wage to $6.75 an hour, a proposal that failed last year.

6. Sexual Orientation Non Discrimination Act: This has been floating around the New York State Legislature for 30 years, with the Governor's support, it is likely to come up for a vote again next Spring.

7. Campaign Finance Reform: Some 80 organizations have proposed a "Clean Money, Clean Elections" bill for the New York State Legislature. Like the New York City law, it would establish a system under which candidates who comply with limits on campaign spending and contributions would receive public funds for their political campaigns.


  • Jennifer Daniels (Gre)
  • Mary Donohue (Rep/Con/Ind - Primary Winner) Incumbent
  • Elon Harpaz (Wor - Primary Winner)
  • Charlie King (Dem/Lib/Wor)
  • Daniel Mahony, Jr. (Ind/Con)
  • Dennis Mehiel (Dem - Primary Winner)
  • William J. Neild (Ind)
  • Stasia T. Vogel (RTL - Primary Winner)
  • Mary Ann Funicella Wein (Rep)

October 23, 2002

Daniel F. Mahony, the former candidate for the Conservative Party's nomination for lieutenant governor, was indicted yesterday on charges of voting illegally. Mr. Mahony, 47, is accused of voting twice in two general elections under different spellings of his name while being listed as living at two different addresses. Mr. Mahony pleaded not guilty. (New York Times)

October 11, 2002

Dennis Mehiel, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, says he'll lend running mate H. Carl McCall more money if the need arises. The two are trailing badly in polls and in fundraising. (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)

September 20, 2002

Yesterday Emily Pataki kicked off a tour of homes for the elderly with her grandmother Margaret Pataki, and granted the first of the interviews reporters have been requesting for months. Libby Pataki, the governor's wife, and Mary O. Donohue, the lieutenant governor, also made public appearances."This is the kinder, gentler Daddy Pataki," said Josh Isay, a consultant who managed Andrew M. Cuomo's failed bid for the Democratic nomination for governor. (New York Times) (Daily News)

On barely an hour's notice Thursday morning, 50 nanosciences graduate students at the University at Albany were ordered to an event where they found themselves a captive audience for a political speech by Lt. Gov. Mary Donohue. (Albany Times Union)

September 17, 2002

In a bid to appear above the political fray, Gov. Pataki has found himself a new attack dog: Lt. Gov. Mary Donohue. Donohue yesterday kicked off a nine-city, upstate "barnstorming tour" in which she vowed to go after Carl McCall and his running mate, Dennis Mehiel, for their "consistent and outrageous record of neglect for upstate New York." (New York Post)

September 6, 2002

What does it take to get the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor? Something less, it appears, than the qualifications for buying an apartment in the Dakota, the brown gothic palace on Central Park West and 72nd Street. Just ask Dennis Mehiel, H. Carl McCall's running mate and the likely Democratic candidate for the low-profile state office. Mr. Mehiel a cardboard magnate who has his own palace in Armonk, in Westchester already has one apartment in the Dakota. He wanted to move to another space in the 1882 building, but this summer, the co-op's board rejected him. (New York Sun)

August 26, 2002

Dennis Mehiel, a Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, acknowledged yesterday that he had fathered two children by two women while still legally married to his first wife. The revelation quickly turned into an exchange of accusations between the campaigns of the two Democratic candidates for governor, Andrew M. Cuomo and H. Carl McCall, over who had leaked the story to the news media. (New York Times) (Daily News)

August 24, 2002

The Sept. 10 Democratic primary for lieutenant governor between Dennis Mehiel and Charlie King has taken on unusual importance to the strategic and financial plans of the party's candidates for governor, Andrew M. Cuomo and H. Carl McCall, who have given them outsized roles in the race. (New York Times)

July 31, 2002

A Conservative Party candidate for lieutenant governor appears to have broken the law by voting twice in the most recent mayoral and presidential elections, records obtained by The Post reveal. (New York Post)

July 23, 2002

Lt. Gov. Mary Donohue, eyeing a Conservative Party primary, has launched a "crusade" to put "under God" back in the Pledge of Allegiance. (New York Post)

June 23, 2002

Encouraged by the recent political successes of Mayor Michael Bloomberg and U.S. Senator John Corzine (D-NJ), a trio of wealthy newcomers to state politics are the latest in a long line of multimillionaires who have sought public office. Dennis Mehiel, the Westchester chairman and principal shareholder of S.F. Holdings which runs the Sweetheart Cup Company, is running for lieutenant governor while Bill Mulrow, an investment banker, is vying for the Democratic nomination for state comptroller, and B. Thomas Golisano, owner of a Rochester check processing company, makes his third bid for governor. (Newsday) (Newsday)

June 22, 2002

State Supreme Court Justice Joseph Teresi delivered a setback to two candidates for lieutenant governor and state comptroller Friday when he ruled they were inappropriately placed on the Independence Party ballot line by the state Board of Elections. Teresi removed lieutenant governor candidate Dan Mahony and state comptroller hopeful Alan Hevesi from the line, saying they lacked formal permission from Independence leaders to run. Representatives for Mahony and Hevesi said they will appeal. (Albany Times Union)


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