Protecting Marriage From Liberal Experiments

By Marilyn O’Grady, candidate for US Senate
October 25, 2004

In a memorable scene in Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein, Gene Wilder shouts, “Life! Give my creation life!” As we all know, the Frankenstein story touches on man’s attempt to go beyond the limits of science. To go where no one has ever dared.

During the current election cycle, the left has begun work in its own Laboratory for Social Experimentation. They call their creation gay marriage. Bolstered by their successes in affirmative action, valueless education, and the War on Poverty, the liberal Laboratory for Social Experimentation believes that gay couples have been discriminated against for too long.


This is not the laboratory’s first foray into tampering with marriage. During the sexual revolution, the left was able to enact no-fault divorce. They believed that it would make divorces more amicable. Instead, to no one’s surprise, it made divorces more numerous. Now, they are trying to tell us that our definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman is terribly outdated. Unfortunately for the left, they have made little success in gaining support for gay marriage. So they went back to the drawing board.

They realized that most of the population would never support gay marriage, so they adapted a new strategy. Why not call their institution a “civil union”? Liberal Republicans, who could now take both sides of the argument, welcomed this argument. They could tell their liberal constituents that civil unions were really marriages, while telling their more conservative voters that they were firmly against gay marriage. The new terminology only left conservatives scratching their heads. What, exactly, was the difference?

Conservatives became quite suspicious when they were told that civil unions would preserve the First Amendment rights for churches. Since the left has rarely shown sensitivity to religion, those with Strongly held religious convictions began to question the difference. Finally, they found out. The New York Times would place civil union announcements on a different page than their wedding announcements. So, there really was a difference!

Because most of the population saw through the sham of civil unions for gay couples, this idea has failed to gain much momentum. Even in states as liberal as New York support for civil unions has not reached 50 percent.

Maybe this lack of support should tell the Left something. Don’t mess with an age-old institution like marriage. Don’t try to redefine marriage. And don’t try to hide marriage under the phrase “civil unions.”

Marriage has been the bedrock of every successful society in history. We tamper with it at our own risk. Marriage has a social, as well as a relational component. Marriage is the best structure for raising and educating children.


Despite a campaign of fear and intimidation, the Left has not been able to convince a majority of Americans that gay civil unions are just what our country needs. In the past, liberals have been successful in branding their opponents as bigots. Oppose affirmative action? You must be a racist! Against abortion? You want women barefoot and pregnant. This time, however, Americans are not falling for that ploy. They know that opposition to gay marriage does not equate to homophobia. So the Left has lost one of its most powerful weapons, name-calling. It looks like it might have to use its most powerful weapon.

The American judicial system has been liberals’ greatest tool. Through this system, they can enact social programs that would never pass an elected legislature. They are hoping that judges will find that over 200 years ago, James Madison implied a right to gay marriage, just as he implied the rights to abortion and sodomy.

Many New Yorkers do not see gay civil unions as a possibility in the near future. But New York is leading the way. Just last week, State Comptroller Alan Hevesi announced that the New York State Pension Fund would give pension money to the surviving member of a Canadian civil union. His decision was made unilaterally, without passing through the state legislature.

In every Frankenstein movie, the villagers unite in a revolt against the monster that is being created in the good doctor’s lab. I hope that Americans everywhere will also rise up to oppose the latest creation of the Laboratory for Social Experimentation.

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