U.S. Congressional District 17

The 17th Congressional District covers areas in the Bronx, Westchester, and Rockland Counties.

Eliot Engel (Dem/WF)

Kevin Brawley (Con)
Matthew Brennan (Rep)

Commentary by Matthew Brennan:
Solving New York’s Electricity Crunch

Commentary by Eliot Engel:
Reforming a Tax on the Middle Class

Campaign Trail:

The Daily News endorsed Eliot Engel in the Democratic primary, saying he "understands that building a democracy in Baghdad would be a key step in fighting terror and building peace in the Mideast. Engel's credentials also include staunchly supporting Israel's right to defend itself and successfully pushing to impose sanctions on Syria, a longtime terror sponsor. He sees himself as a hawk on the federal deficit and voted against the budget-busting Medicare drug plan." His opponent, Kevin McAdams, is "well-meaning and intelligent, but he should start smaller," the paper said. (Daily News)

Representative Eliot Engel is demanding his Democratic primary challenger, Kevin McAdams, denounce the Uniformed Firefighters Association's endorsement of President George W. Bush. McAdams, a New York City firefighter, is a member of the union and served as its treasurer and a trustee of its pension board. (Journal News)

Both Eliot Engel and Kevin McAdams picked up an array of union endorsements in their Democratic primary contest for Congress. (Riverdale Riview)

The United Federation of Teachers, the New York State United Teachers, and the National Education Association Fund for Children and Public Education announced their endorsements of Congressman Eliot Engel for re-election.(Yonkers Tribune)

While most of the attention in the Democratic primary contest in the 17th district has focused on Eliot Engel and Kevin McAdams, a third candidate - Jessica Flagg - is also running. The 52-year-old Riverdale resident, who was active in Dennis Kucinich's campaign for president, says she doesn't have as much money as the other candidates but is working hard to get her activist message across. The key issue for her is the war in Iraq, which she opposes. ( Norwood News)

City Councilmember Larry Seabrook, Assemblyman Carl Heastie and Democratic District Leaders Alonzo deCastro and Edith Baldwin have endorsed Kevin McAdams in his bid to unseat incumbent U.S. Representative Eliot Engel. They faulted Engel for closing a district office and for his support for the war in Iraq. Seabrook ran unsuccessfully against Engel in 2000. (Yonkers Tribune)

U.S. Representative Eliot Engel and Democratic challenger Kevin McAdams are each demanding the other return money from corporate contributions. Engel wants McAdams, a New York City firefighter, to give back $80,000 that his campaign received from companies investing firefighters' pension money. In a written statement, Engel said that accepting the money was a conflict of interest. McAdams said he had done nothing wrong and asked Engel to return more than $300,000 from companies overseen by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, of which Engel is a member. McAdams said, "We'll make it a no-dollar campaign, and we'll see who wins." Campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission last week showed Engel has raised more than twice as much as McAdams - $700,588 to $315,756, respectively. (The Journal News)

An incumbent congressman and his firefighter challenger traded charges yesterday over campaign contributions. A Daily News investigation found that Firefighter Kevin McAdams, former treasurer of the Uniformed Firefighters Association and member of the union's pension board, received $80,000 in campaign contributions from investment firms handling the fire union fund. The firms pulled down six-figure fees for investing $4.9 billion in assets from the fund, which pays out retirement, disability and death benefits. Rep. Eliot Engel (D-Bronx) said Tuesday that "the only ethical thing" for McAdams, who served as one of the fund's trustees until he resigned in March, to do is return all of the money. But McAdams yesterday denied any potential conflict of interest, and said that Engel might take heed of his own words when it comes to campaign contributions and conflict of interest. (Daily News)

The battle for the seat in the Bronx-Westchester-Rockland 17th Congressional District is starting to live up to its billing as one of the nation's most hotly contested House Democratic primaries. While challenger Kevin McAdams accuses longtime incumbent Eliot Engel of spending too little time in his home district, a Daily News investigation shows McAdams' "grassroots" campaign has pulled in more than $80,000 from investment firms from New York to Los Angeles. Some $30,000 of that total comes from individuals linked to firms who got to know McAdams when he was a firefighters' union official serving as trustee to the fire pension fund. (Daily News)

Democratic Representative Eliot Engel had raised $700,588 as of June 30 -- nearly double the amount raised by New York City firefighter Kevin McAdams, according to new campaign disclosures. A little more than half of the $151,365 that the congressman raised in April, May, and June came from labor unions, telecommunications companies and other special interests affected by Engel's legislative work, according to reports filed at the Federal Election Commission this week. Political action committees, many of them based in Washington, D.C., pumped $84,250 into Engel's coffers in the second quarter while individuals contributed $67,115. (Gannett News Service)

While it is difficult to defeat an incumbent member of Congress, firefighter Kevin McAdams is not a total dark horse in his bid to unseat Eliot Engel. McAdams could benefit from the redrawing of the district to extend north of The Bronx and he is trying to use Engel's incumbency against him. (Norwood News)

Representative Eliot Engel will face two challengers in a Democratic primary. He will face local activist Jessica Flagg and Kevin McAdams, a former firefighter, in the September 14 primary. Flagg, who is running after Engel from the left, has decided to run because she is disturbed by the direction in which the nation is heading, according to a campaign statement. McAdams, a former treasurer of the Uniformed Firefighters Association and a veteran of the Navy, has been much more critical of Engel, criticizing him on the war in Iraq and vowing, much like Flagg, to bring change to the district. (Riverdale Review)


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