U.S. Congressional District 5

The 5th Congressional District encompasses the North Shore of Queens and Long Island.

Gary Ackerman (Dem/Ind/WF)

Stephen Graves (Rep/Con)
Gonzalo Policarpio (Fair Immigration)

Campaign Trail:

Gonzalo Policarpio is the underdog candidate in the Republican primary for the seat from the 5th Congressional District. Policarpio is running against the party's candidate, Stephen Graves, and the Republican Party has reportedly challenged his efforts to get on the ballot. A native of the Philippines who has lived in the United States since 1973, Policarpio is past president of the United Filipino Organization and serves as national co-chairman of the Filipino Americans for Bush-Cheney 2004. (Queens Chronicle)

Two Republicans are squaring off for the chance to face U.S. Representative Gary Ackerman. Gonzalo Policarpio, a native of the Philippines and former Department of Homeland Security officer, has raised $1,100 his quarterly filing with the Federal Election Commission, bringing his contribution total to $24,607.18. That puts Policarpio slightly ahead of Graves, president of Bio Nutrion Research Labs. Policarpio's platform includes providing a "tax credit to husband and wife [sic] who give housing accommodations to their elderly parents," and strengthening Equality Opportunity laws. On his web site, he calls Ackerman a "dormant Congressman who has outlived his usefulness after more than 20 years in Washington."(Queens Tribune)

Gonzalo Policarpio of Douglaston and Stephen Graves of Flushing will both be on the Republican primary ballot. Some key issues for the district, the challengers say, are education, immigration, and taxation. "I don't want to sound divisive, but I sense an urgent need of a particular community in this district," said Policarpio, who emigrated from Manila in 1973. "The Asian and Hispanic communities want to have a stronger voice in Congress. Graves, who has been endorsed by the Conservative Party, is president of Bio Nutrition Research Labs. "The federal government needs to stay out of the way of small businesses and doing what they can to help them grow, " he said. Immigration is a perennial hot issue in the district. Policarpio said that he would support an amendment to limit citizenship application processing times to two years. Ackerman said he is at the forefront of immigration reform. For Graves, another top priority is reallocating federal funds to get more for New York. "New York has been a donor state for a long time," he said. "All of Ackerman's clout didn't do much in getting it back to our own community." But Ackerman says he "brought back more federal dollars than any other New York congressman.They weren't pork barrel projects. They were projects for real people." (Glen Oaks Ledger)


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