For the first time in history, the Republican National Convention has come to New York.

Transcripts from Convention speeches:
"Welcome to the World's Second Home"
Mayor Michael Bloomberg
"In times of danger...leadership"
Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani
"We live in a much safer world"
Former Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik
"My New York"
Former Mayor Ed Koch

Events Calendar
A calendar listing of events connected to the convention and the protests against it. Find an event or post one yourself.

Convention Blogs

Find Your Inner Republican
See where NYC Republicans past and present have stood on ten issues ranging from abortion to education, and where you fit in.

Quiz: Unconventional Questions
Test your knowledge of New York City party politics with this interactive quiz.

A Timeline of Republicans in NYC: From Lincoln to Bloomberg

NYC Convention 2004 Message Board

Covering the Convention — Gotham Gazette Articles

The Convention
Will Costs Outweigh Benefits?
Ground Zero as a Political Backdrop
How Disruptive Will The Convention Be?

The Protests
Summer of Protests
Why Poor People Will Take to the Streets by Louie Jones
Beyond the Mass Protests by Suneel(a) Mubayi
Why Protestors Need the Great Lawn by Leslie Cagan
Rally Threatens the Great Lawn by Henry Stern

The New York Party
Who Are NYC's Republicans? by Andrew Beveridge
A Brief History of N.Y. Republicans by John J. Marchi
The Short-Lived GOP Revival In NYC by Fred Siegel and Harry Siegel

The Republican Party's Diminishing Strength in New York by Gerald Benjamin

Republican Policies: An Insult and an Injury by Ed Sullivan


Special GOP Convention Coverage:
National Public Radio
New York Metro
NY Metro: Convention Kicker
NYC Indymedia
NY Times
New York 1
Village Voice
Washington Post

For Your Daily (In)Convenience:
City Council's Convention Guide
MTA: Bus and Subway Updates
NJ Path: Transit Updates
NYPD Street-Closings (WNYC)


News about the convention

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