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Finding Your Way Around New York's News

New York is one of the media capitals of the world, and everything here -- from sporting events to zoning disputes -- takes place under a microscope the strength of which is difficult to grasp. The New York media market supports multiple major daily newspapers, dozens of widely-read weeklies and a massive network of blogs and other online sources covering practically every aspect of city life.

On top of that are the dozens of community papers that take a block-by-block look at individual neighborhoods and local issues, as well as an ethnic press that's among the most diverse on earth (Check out our monthly feature, the Citizen, which compiles an array of translations from the ethnic press, via our partner: Voices That Must Be Heard.

Where to even begin? In spite of their well-known financial troubles, a few members of the old guard of New York print media are still going relatively strong, like the New York Times The Village Voice still offers muckraking pieces that can send some of the city's most powerful people into damage control-mode. The front pages of the New York Post and Daily News are still the first source of information that millions of New Yorkers see each day.

Meanwhile, community papers like the Downtown Express or the Queens Tribune fill a crucial niche that the blogs and major outlets can't, applying more traditional journalistic methods to stories with less geographic relevance.

While the Times, Daily News, Post and Sun are the top publications for local and national news, the city's often-meticulous online resources catch more ground-level stories that the major outlets sometimes miss. Blogs like Curbed and Brownstoner offer obscure real estate and development news and rumor. Other New York-specific coverage comes from more specialized blogs that are paying attention to issues that other sources aren't, like Streetsblog which covers sustainable transportation-related news in New York, and Gowanus Lounge which has obsessive coverage of neighborhood news in Brooklyn.

Minute-by-minute New York political coverage occurs exhaustingly online. Daily News's Daily Politics provides updates on city and state politics and campaigns. The New York Observers' Politicker is another great resource for local politics junkies; indeed, both blogs cover the New York political scene in much greater depth than the print editions of their parent publications. City Room, the New York Times metro blog, also provides political coverage as well as offbeat stories that may not have made the print edition and updates on breaking news.

In addition to online sources and the major network television stations, you can also find local coverage on NY1.

For cultural news and entertainment, you can also check out the AV Club, along with the L Magazine, the Brooklyn Rail and the Village Voice.


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