The Eight Memorial Finalists

On November 19, 2003, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation unveiled the eight finalist designs in the World Trade Center memorial competition.

The designs were selected by a 13-member jury. Each design must recognize the twin tower footprints and each individual killed in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 and February 26, 1993. The designs are on display at the Winter Garden and the jury will select the final design. To discuss the eight plans, click here.

The eight finalists are:

Votives in Suspension
By Norman Lee and Michael Lewis

Inversion of Light
By Toshio Sasaki

Garden of Lights
By Pierre David with Sean Corriel, Jessica Kmetovic

Suspending Memory
By Joseph Karadin with Hsin-Yi Wu

Lower Waters
By Bradley Campbell and Matthias Neumann

Dual Memory
By Brian Stawn and Karla Sierralta


Passages of Light: The Memorial Cloud
By bbc art + architecture

Reflecting Absence: A Memorial at the World Trade Center Site '
By Michael Arad