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Rebuilding NYC

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"Make It The Seventh Wonder Of The World"

At its first public hearing, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation heard dozens of New Yorkers, at three minutes apiece, talk about the future of Ground Zero. At the May 23rd hearing, some asked that officials focus first on a memorial; others called for new buildings that reach as high or higher than the Twin Towers; some criticized officials for not paying attention to the health concerns and economic problems of workers and residents, some of whom are still unemployed or displaced. "I need to know that I can visit that site in the future and have a sense of peace and reflection on my husband's last day on Earth," said Monika Iken, founder of September's Mission, a group for families of the victims. "I believe we are on the verge of another disaster, with so many displaced workers not getting the help they need," said Chung-Wha Hong, of the New York Immigration Coalition. Architects, artists and those without portfolio talked about their visions for memorials and parks, holding up drawings and computer sketches of their own designs. Here are excerpts from the testimony.

What About Chinatown? What About The Unemployed?

"It Is Disappointing That So Many Decisions Have Already Been Made"
Margaret Hughes, Good Old Lower East Side

"I Believe That We're On The Verge Of Another Disaster"
Chung-Wha Hong, New York Immigration Coalition

"Take Your Inclusiveness Seriously"
Errol Louis, Pratt Institute Center for Community and Environmental Development

What's Important To Victims' Families

"We Have A Right To Heal"
Monica Iken, founder of September's Mission

Put The Memorial "Where The People We Loved And Lost Lived"
Edith Lutnick, Executive Director of the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund

"I Trust The Public - Do You?"
Irwin Fruchtman, developer

"Parks Are A Common Ground"
Stephanie Elson, New Yorkers For Parks


Designs and Plans: Creative Ideas

"Recreate The Twin Towers As A Visible Negative Space"
Oliver Söhngen, artist

"It Would Be A Symbol That The American Spirit Prevailed"
Daniel Looney, Kenneth Kunken, and Anna Blazejczyk, artists

Build It High?

"As Tall As The Towers, Or Taller"
Excerpts from different speakers

"My Son Was Betrayed"; Make The Next Buildings Safe
Sally Regenhard, Campaign For Skyscraper Safety

"We In Lower Manhattan Are A Unified Community"
Alan Gerson, City Council Representative, District 1

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