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Three Years of Rebuilding

A look at the issues that New Yorkers have faced over three years of rebuilding - and those we will face in the future.

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Three Years of Rebuilding ... Will NYC Get Its $20 Billion? ... Environmental Problems at Ground Zero ... Report On Post 9/11 Grants ... 9/11 Commission Report ... Economic Impact of 9/11 ... (More)

Three Years of News and Opinions

Topics In Rebuilding NYC

With a final plan in place, the city awaits the beginning of construction of Daniel Libeskind's design for Ground Zero.
Featured Articles:
•  A Year With Libeskind
•  An Overview of The Plan
•  Virtual Tour of the Design
•  Frequently Asked Questions
•  Decisions Behind The Plan

Follow the progress of the memorial competition as public officials try to find the best way to commemorate 9/11.
Featured Articles:
•  The Revised Memorial
•  Reflecting Absence
•  The Eight Memorial Designs
•  NYC Memorials

With the rebuilding at Ground Zero comes the opportunity to reorganize transportation lines downtown.
Featured Articles:
•  Ground Zero Transportation Hub
•  Transportation And Lower Manhattan: Where Do We Go From Here?
•  The (Proposed) Trains To The Planes
•  Save West Street
•  Does Transportation Really Deserve Top Billing Downtown?

Since September 11, security remains a major concern in the minds of New Yorkers. Learn more about security and its effects on New Yorkers.
Featured Articles:
•  Operation Atlas and the Security of New York
•  An Assessment Of The Threat From Al Qaeda
•  Special Registration: A Controversial Program
•  The Fire Department's Lessons From 9/11
•  Are New Yorkers Any Safer?
•  Civil Liberties Since 9/11

Under the weight of a recession, the attacks of September 11, and a crushing budget deficit, the city must now attempt to rebuild its hard-hit economy.
Featured Articles:
•  9/11 Money Troubles
•  Housing Downtown
•  Transcript of Online Debate About Economic Rebuilding
•  City Budgeting After 9/11
•  A Look At Doctoroff's Land Swap Proposal
•  Labor Community Advocacy Network Rebuilding Statement (PDF format)

The September 11 attacks have given rise to many cultural responses, from the emotional to the political.

• Books
• Film Documentaries
• Museum Exhibitions
• Songs
• Television
• Theater
• Visual and Performance Art

• The Ground Zero Design Competition
• Impact on New Yorkers
• The Anniversary
• Governance
• Ground Zero
• Charities