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Preparing for NYC Transit Strike

In the event of a transit strike, here is information on how to get around the city: Strike Contingency Plan Information
Mayor Michael Bloomberg outlined the city's official plans in case of a transit strike. This Web site offers basic information and links to other official Web pages.
This Web site, published by Sam Schwartz, an expert on infrastructure, traffic safety and transportation systems, is dedicated to explaining the policy and politics of the current negotiations.

Public School Information for Strike
All regular school start times will be delayed for two hours. The end of the school day will not be changed. Teachers are supposed to arrive no later than one hour after their regular scheduled start time.

Police Department Driving Restrictions
The city will require four or more passengers in each car entering Manhattan south of 96th Street from 5 a.m. to 11 a.m., Monday-Friday. Also certain streets in Manhattan will be reserved for emergency vehicles, buses, and commuter vans only. This link provides a map of all roadways, bridges, and tunnels affected.

Unaffected Transportation Services (Trains, Buses, Ferries)
See the Web site of each of the following trains, bus, and ferry service for changes meant to ease congestion on these systems, which are not affected by the strike:
- Long Island Railroad
-Metro-North Railroad
-Staten Island Railway
- Amtrak
- AirTrain
- NJ Transit (commuter rail and bus)
-Long Island Bus
-Westchester County Bee-Line
Staten Island Ferry
-Private Ferries

Map of Taxi and Car Hiring Zones (in pdf format)
A map of areas in each of the five boroughs where passengers can hire cars and taxis.

Map of Parking and Car Pool Locations (in pdf format)
This map shows designated carpool areas so drivers and riders can share rides to meet the four person per car requirement.

Map of Pedestrian and Bicycle Access to Manhattan (in pdf format)
A map of the five boroughs showing where pedestrians and bicyclists can cross into Manhattan.

Transportation Alternative's Tips on Biking to Work
Transportation Alternatives, a pedestrian advocacy group, offers tips for new cyclists, suggestions for where to buy a bike, and an outline of "the rules of the road" (like how to avoid car doors).

Special Taxi Regulations for Strike
Taxi and Limousine Commission-licensed taxis and livery cabs will be allowed to pick up multiple passengers in a single trip. They will also use a different fare schedule. Fares will be up to $10 per person for entering a cab and $5 for traveling to an additional zone.

Strike Parking Regulations
Alternate side of the street parking rules will be suspended. And to improve traffic flow, weekday "No Standing" and "No Parking" rules will be extended.

Suggestions for Employers
The city offers six simple options for employers like "allow workers to telecommute" and "stagger shift schedules to avoid rush hour."


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