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New York and the War

New York and the War

Feature Stories:
In Operation Atlas and the Security of New York, Julia Vitullo-Martin details the city's vulnerability to attack, and analyzes the efforts to defend it.

In An Assessment Of The Threat From Al Qaeda, terrorism expert Rohan Gunaratna summarizes the debriefing he gave to the New York Police Department.

In Special Registration, Chaleampon Ritthichai focuses on one security measure that critics say has gone too far.

In The News:
(Last updated Apr 10 - 8:25am)

Celebration Over Fall of Baghdad in Times Square
New Yorkers broke into cheers yesterday as they gathered in the cold drizzle in Times Square to watch on live TV the end of Saddam's reign of terror.
(New York Post - Apr 10)

'Operation Atlas' Will Continue
Though the war in Iraq appears to be winding down, the NYPD has no plans to roll back its extensive "Operation Atlas" war plan to protect New York, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Wednesday.
(Newsday - Apr 10)

Police Stop Collecting Data on Protesters' Politics
When a series of large antiwar protests began nearly eight weeks ago, the New York Police Department started questioning hundreds of people arrested at the demonstrations about their prior political activity and recording the information in a database. But yesterday, after the practice came to light, the Police Department said it would destroy the database, created with a debriefing form, and largely abandon the initiative, which civil libertarians and constitutional law experts said was deeply troubling.
(New York Times - Apr 10)

Letters From Home to the Troops
The first "Letters from Home," written by readers to the troops serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom appear in the Daily News today. They will continue being published throughout the conflict.
(Daily News - Apr 7)

Anxious Iraqi New Yorkers Fear for Loved Ones
Salam Al-Rawi sat fixated in front of a flats-creen television in the back of his East Village restaurant. Iraq's information minister was on camera again. "He calls American soldiers white female camels trotting in from the desert and talks about victory as Iraq is getting kicked in the ass," Al-Rawi said of the minister's remarks.
(NY Post - Apr 7)

At City Colleges, Some Students Moved, Others Silent on War
Jamie Chosak, 21, a senior majoring in history and political science, said she tried to organize an anti-war coalition on campus but got a "tepid response." She finally lent her own anti-war energies to off-campus groups.
(Newsday - Apr 7)

Poll: New York City is Jittery About War and Security
Support for President Bush's handling of the Iraqi war is by far weaker in New York City than the rest of the state, and confidence in anti-terrorism security preparations isn't particularly high among New Yorkers anywhere, a poll released Friday showed.
(Newsday - Apr 7)

In NYC, Major Concern Over How the Media Covers the War
In the world capital of news media and navel gazing, a big concern is not the war itself so much as how the war is being covered.
(New York Times - Apr 4)

Governor and Mayor Fighting Over Terrorism Money
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Gov. George E. Pataki are experiencing a rift as they lobby in Washington at one another's expense for homeland security money.
(New York Times - Apr 3)

Newsday Reporters On Being in Iraqi Prison
Newsday staffers Moises Saman and Matthew McAllester were recently held in Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison for eight days with two other Western journalists and an American peace activist.
(Newsday - Apr 3)

Black Hawk Patrols NYC
Even without its full weaponry, a Black Hawk helicopter is intimidating. Which is the point. Stay out of restricted airspace above the city or you may spot the 12,000-pound machine behind you.
(Newsday - Apr 3)

Missing Newsday Journalists Freed by Iraq
Newsday journalists Matthew McAllester and Moises Saman, who had been missing in Iraq for eight days while covering the war, were released yesterday by Iraqi authorities after a harrowing week in a notorious prison and have crossed the Jordanian border to freedom.
(Newsday - Apr 2)

Black Officials Call for Boycott to Protest War
A group of black elected officials and labor leaders are calling for people of color to boycott school and work Friday to protest the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
(Newsday - Apr 2)

Queens Family Mourns Marine, 21, Killed in Iraq
Bored with school and itching to make a career in the military, Robert Marcus Rodriguez of Maspeth joined the Marines at age 17 when he graduated from high school. He was sent to Kuwait in January as a corporal with the 1st Tank Battalion.
(Newsday - Apr 2)

War Deals Another Blow to Parts of City's Economy
New York's cabbies know it, and they will tell anyone who asks: the war in Iraq has applied a new set of brakes to the local economy.
(New York Times - Apr 1)

Families Recall 4 Who Died in Bombing
In his last letter home from the war zone, Cpl. Michael E. Curtin said he felt sorry for some of the soldiers in his platoon. They did not receive as many letters and care packages as he did, so he gave his family several names and asked that they write to them. It was, his family said, a telling gesture by a man known for his thoughtfulness.
(New York Times - Apr 1)

New York City's First Casualty Is Son Of Brooklyn
A yellow ribbon hung on the door of Marine Lance Cpl. William White's boyhood home in Brooklyn, but hope had given way to grief yesterday as his family mourned the first soldier from the city to die in the Iraq war.
(Daily News - Mar 31)

At Columbia, Call for Death of U.S. Forces Is Denounced
The president of Columbia University said yesterday that he was horrified by the remarks of an anthropology professor who said at a campus antiwar teach-in Wednesday night that he hoped to see "a million Mogadishus" -- referring to the city in Somalia where American soldiers were ambushed in a lethal firefight in 1993.
(New York Times - Mar 29)

War Fears Hurt NYC Tourism
Wary of the war in Iraq, some tourists to New York City seem to be "taking a wait-and-see attitude" before making reservations and tourism officials are concerned that prolonged combat will cause longer-term damage to the $25 billion industry.
(Newsday - Mar 29 - 4:12pm)

About 190 Anti-War Protesters Arrested In Midtown Demonstrations
About 190 anti-war protesters were arrested Thursday after they blocked traffic on Fifth Avenue -- part of a daylong series of demonstrations throughout the city. The blockade, near Rockefeller Center, started at 8:20 a.m., snarling rush-hour for about 15 minutes and triggering scores of confrontations between those supporting and opposing the war in Iraq.
(Newsday - Mar 28)

Anti-War Protestors Tie Up Traffic in Mid-Town
Anti-war protesters hoped to make their point by playing dead and snarling traffic in front of Rockefeller Center and other busy locations this morning.
(Daily News - Mar 27)

Security Is Tightened Throughout The City
In big ways and small, companies are tightening security all across the city. Inevitably, vigilance eased during the year and a half after the Sept. 11 attack. But with the outbreak of war last week, threats once again seem real and ubiquitous.
(Crain's New York Business - Mar 24)

On New York's Streets and Across the Nation, Protesters Speak Out
More than 100,000 people took to the streets of Manhattan yesterday to protest the war in Iraq.
(New York Times - Mar 23)

Applause As Marines Enter Basra
US predictions that many would choose to surrender rather than fight appear to have come true.
(BBC News - Mar 22)

NYC: Anti-War Protest Surges Down Broadway
More than 40,000 anti-war protesters filled Times Square and Broadway Saturday, peacefully kicking off an anti-war march culminating in Washington Square.
(Newsday - Mar 22 - 3:09pm)

Antiwar Rallies Draw Thousands Worldwide
Thousands of angry protesters from Japan to New Zealand marched Saturday against the U.S.-led war in Iraq, in some cases condemning their own governments for supporting the United States.
(New York Times - Mar 22 - 6:26am)

NYPD head of counter-terrorism leaving for D.C. position
The Police Department's counter-terrorism head, Frank Libutti, is leaving to join the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Office.
(Newsday - Mar 21 - 8:15pm)

Governors Want No-Fly Zone Over Indian Point Nuclear Plant
Gov. Pataki and the governors of New Jersey and Connecticut have asked the federal government to restore the no-fly zone over the Indian Point nuclear power plants.
(NY Daily News - Mar 21)

White-Powder Scare Clears La Guardia Airport Terminal
Six La Guardia airport baggage screeners were decontaminated and part of a terminal was evacuated after a vial of white powder was discovered in a piece of luggage checked by a woman heading to Dallas, authorities said.
(NY Daily News - Mar 21)

In New York, A Sense That The Price of War Will Be High
New York had been anticipating the American-led attack on Iraq, but when the war came, it altered the rhythms and routines of life in the city in many ways -- some easily definable, some less so.
(New York Times - Mar 21)

City Religious Leaders Call on Faith and Prayer
Religious leaders called for renewed trust in God, prayers for the U.S. military, and spiritual reflection as the U.S. bombardment of Iraq entered its second day.
(Newsday - Mar 21)

As Iraqi Conflict Begins, City Council May Change Anti-War Stance
A majority of New Yorkers oppose war in Iraq, but many of the city's politicians are now standing behind the president as military action begins in the Middle East. Even the City Council may modify its anti-war stand.
(NY1 - Mar 20)

Operation Atlas In Full Swing
Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly announced Thursday afternoon that Operation Atlas, the city's ambitious and expensive terrorism-prevention program, went into full swing Wednesday night when the first bombs fell in Baghdad.
(Newsday - Mar 20)

At Least Eleven Protesters Arrested At Times Square Peace Rally
At least 11 people were arrested in Times Square as thousands of anti-war protesters became unruly Thursday night.
(Newsday - Mar 20 - 7:47pm)

Gas Masks Distributed To NYPD
The NYPD yesterday began distributing gas masks and other protective gear to thousands of cops to help safeguard them in the event of a chemical or biological attack in the Big Apple.
(NY Post - Mar 20)

State Police, National Guard To Ride Commuter Rails
(NY Daily News - Mar 20)

Mayor Bloomberg Asks For $900 Million in Federal Funds For City Security
(Newsday - Mar 20)

Poll: Majority of New Yorkers Opposed To War
(NY1 - Mar 20)

Security Increased in New York City At Outset of War
(NY Daily News - Mar 20)
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