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Race Matters in New York

Jan 11, 2008

Most New Yorkers think of racism as yesterday's news. They prefer to think we have moved beyond not just the city's dependence on slavery, its attempts to remain neutral in

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What Three Million Immigrants Do

Dec 03, 2007

A college graduate from Beijing who studies hotel management and culinary art, Zhen Zhang moved to New York in 1993 with dreams of opening his own hotel. Although that idea never materialized,

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New York Plays Key Role in Fight for Transgender Rights

Nov 09, 2007

 As the debate over civil rights protections on the basis of “gender identity and expression” heated up in Congress, five of New York City’s members in the House of Representative

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Latest License Plan Angers Almost Everyone

Nov 05, 2007

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has been in the national spotlight since his controversial announcement in September that he would grant undocumented immigrants driver's licenses. In the face

Driver's Licenses for the Undocumented

Oct 10, 2007

Jola Z. wishes she could drive her kids to Six Flags one day. But with an expired U.S. tourist visa, the Polish native is not eligible to apply for

A City ID Card for All

Sep 10, 2007

M. Zywicka started working as a hostess in an Italian restaurant in Murray Hill just a month after she arrived in New York. A native of Krakow, Poland, Zywicka (who does not

Immersed in English

Aug 03, 2007

Martha Escobar, a speech pathologist in her native Colombia, wanted to pursue a similar career after she moved to New York City three years ago. But her limited English proved

New ID Could Cost Immigrants Their Licenses

Jul 02, 2007

As the federal government presses for the issuance of a new identity card, civil libertarians and advocates for immigrants say the plan will be a "nightmare" for New York State

Moving Ahead on Immigration Reform?

Jul 02, 2007

After several months of heated debate over how to reform our nation's immigration laws, the Senate's vote last week essentially killing the administration’s bill temporarily put the brakes