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Hitting the 9 Million Mark

Jun 27, 2006

New York City’s population will reach 9 million around 2025, according to a spate of demographic projections featured in various news stories. But will the city really hit the 9


New York's Asians

May 09, 2006

Who are the Asians of New York City? They are foreign-born and native-born New Yorkers with a background in East Asia (China and Japan, for example), Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand,


Undocumented Immigrants

Apr 06, 2006

New York City certainly has a lot at stake in the current debate in Congress over the most significant change in immigration policy in decades. More than a third of


Hispanics and the Ferrer Candidacy

Dec 22, 2005

Fernando Ferrer was the first candidate of Hispanic descent to run with major party backing for the office of mayor of New York City, and when he lost by a


Who Can Afford to Live in New York City?

Oct 04, 2005

Affordable housing has been one of the few concrete campaign issues this year; every candidate seems to have a plan. But is it possible to satisfy the need for affordable