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Can NYC Profile Young Muslim Males?

Aug 24, 2005

Earlier this month Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Councilmember James Oddo both suggested that random searches in the subway weren’t good enough; the police should target particular people. “When we look


New York’s Responders and Protectors

Mar 24, 2005

They stand apart, the 70,000 or so people hired to respond to crises in the city, protecting the lives and property of New Yorkers – police officers, firefighters, corrections officers,


Who Got The Death Penalty

Feb 24, 2005

New York State's death penalty law was in effect just short of nine years before the Court of Appeals struck it down for its "coercive jury instruction" last June. While Governor


Wall Street Bonus Babies

Jan 28, 2005

  Every year at this time, wine sellers take out their $500 bottles of Bordeaux; car dealers expect a rush on $100,000 Bentleys, Porsches and Lamborghinis; real estate agents witness perfectly


Repealing the Urstadt Law

Jan 25, 2005

Ask most housing advocates what one move would improve the lot of tenants in New York City, and they would answer: Repeal of the Urstadt Law. The state law, which


New York Lawyers: A Profile

Dec 28, 2004

Think “New York Lawyer” and it is easy to picture a partner who earns $1.391 million a year (which was the average compensation for a partner in a top New


Bush Does Better, and Other Election Results In NYC

Nov 17, 2004

Among the thousands of Americans posting pictures of themselves apologizing to the world for the election of George W. Bush on SorryEverybody.comare surely a sizeable number of New Yorkers. After


The Citizen

Nov 01, 2004

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