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GOP Senate Majority Repeals Census 2000

Jul 01, 2002

A cynic -- or maybe just a careful observer of politics -- might see the last half century of New York's history as one long and varied effort to make

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Changing New York City

Jun 01, 2002

The latest data from Census 2000 paints a picture of changing New York City that is stunning, exciting and in some ways disturbing. There are more foreign-born New Yorkers than at

The Census Bureau's Bad Estimates

May 01, 2002

 Last year, when the count from the 2000 U.S. Census revealed that there were eight million people living in New York City, many demographers were shocked. The number was almost 600,000 more

The Boom 1990's?

Apr 01, 2002

 It such an accepted fact that the 1990's were a boom time in New York City that some New Yorkers are looking back at the decade with something close to


Mar 01, 2002

 For all its reputation for diversity and tolerance, New York City remains among the most segregated areas of the United States. The pattern of segregation was set in the city as far

Non-Legal Immigrants

Feb 01, 2002

  Recently, the United States Bureau of the Census posted without fanfare a new report that estimates the number of "unauthorized and quasi-legal migrants" Ü people born overseas who have settled in

Counting Muslims

Jan 01, 2002

  A nasty dispute recently broke out about the number of Muslims in the United States. One study (available online in pdf format) claims six to seven million. Funded by four

The Arab Americans In Our Midst

Sep 01, 2001

Osama Bin Laden, the man whom many believe is behind the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, is from Saudi Arabia. Many of the 19 hijackers who participated hailed

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A White City Council

Aug 01, 2001

  (August '01) For all the talk of the spectacular diversity in the hundreds of citizen-candidates this year, the truth is that there will be little change in the complexion of city government. White