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Where Is New York's Lieutenant Governor?

May 15, 2009

Photo from Governor Paterson 2010 Paterson giving the State of the State speech in April. On March 17, 2008 when New Yorkers and the news media were focused on the resignation of

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The Legislature Takes on Election Reform

Apr 14, 2009

The new Democratic hold on the State Legislature has made headlines for many things these past few months other than an increase in legislative activity or at least the appearance

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Cutting Back on Democracy

Mar 16, 2009

Image by Gotham Gazette We New Yorkers have dueling psyches. We're worried about the state of the economy, but we are also hopeful about the future and excited about the role

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Council Committee Frequency

Mar 10, 2009

MEMBER: STIPEND: COMMITTEE: NUMBER OF MEETINGS SINCE JAN. 06: Eric N. Gioia $10,000 Investigations*** 6 Albert Vann $4,000 Community Development* 7 Inez E. Dickens $10,000 Standards and Ethics*** 7 Maria Baez $10,000 State and Federal Leg.*** 16 Alan J. Gerson $10,000 Lower Manhattan Redevelopment 24 Michael C. Nelson

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Special Elections: Better than the Alternative?

Mar 06, 2009

Photo (cc) So gesehen How to fill an empty seat? New York City recently held a special election to fill three vacant City Council seats in Queens and Staten Island. In the

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Rural Legislator, City Issue: How Upstaters Decide

Mar 02, 2009

Gotham Gazette image by Ya-Hsuan Huang This year, New York City residents will see legislators from all over the state vote on issues that directly affect their lives. From the transit

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A Call for Tighter Ethics Laws

Feb 11, 2009

Photo from joebruno.org Joe Bruno (left) in his pre-indictment days Spend time in New York's Capital Region and you will be hard pressed to go very far without seeing former Republican Senate

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Making Voting Easier

Jan 29, 2009

Image (c) ShooterD With change in the air as Americans watched the inauguration of a new president and the start of a new year, New York's leaders are setting their agendas

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Will the State Senate Save Rent Control?

Jan 27, 2009

Photo (cc) bmercer Michael McKee, the treasurer of the Tenants Political Action Committee, worked hard to secure a Democratic majority in the State Senate. Besides making substantial donations to the campaigns

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