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2004 NYC General Election State Legislature Candidates


To read more about competitive state races, see Eye On Albany Campaign 2004. Click here for Election Results beginning at 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 2, 2004.


Bronx Senate
Senate District 28
Augustin Alamo Estrada (Con)
Olga Mendez (Rep/Ind)
Jose Serrano (Dem/WF)


Senate District 31
Jose Goris (Rep)
Eric Schneiderman (Dem/WF)

Senate District 32
Ruben Diaz (Dem)
Michael Walters (Con)
Senate District 33
Efrain Gonzalez, Jr. (Dem)
Jeffrey Sternberg (Rep/Con)

Senate District 34
John Fleming (Rep)
Jeffrey Klein (Dem)
Stephen Kaufman (Ind/Con)

Senate District 35
Ruth Hassell-Thompson (Dem/Ind/WF)
Andrew Osterczy (Con)


Bronx Assembly
Assembly District 76
Dennis Fiddler (Rep/Con)
Peter Rivera (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 77
Anthony Curry (Rep/Ind/Con)
Aurelia Greene (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 78
Richard Retcho (Con)
Jose Rivera (Dem)

Assembly District 79
Michael Benjamin (Dem/WF)
William Britt, Jr. (Con)
Gina Demalijaj (Rep)
Eric Stevenson (Ind)

Assembly District 80
Anthony Chiofalo (Rep/Con)
Naomi Rivera (Dem)

Assembly District 81
Stephen Bradian (Rep/Con)
Jeffrey Dinowitz (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 82
Raymond Capone (Rep/Con)
Michael Benedetto (Dem)

Assembly District 83
Carl Heastie (Dem/WF)
Assembly District 84
Agustin Alamo (Con)
Carmen Arroyo (Dem)

Assembly District 85
Ruben Diaz, Jr. (Dem/WF)
William Newark (Rep/Con)


Brooklyn Senate
Senate District 17

Victor Guarino (Rep/Con)
Martin Malave Dilan (Dem/WF)
J. Rebecca White (Green)

Senate District 18
Patricia Hunter (Con)
Velmanette Montgomery (Dem/WF)

Senate District 19
Abrinmore Britton (Rep)
Ernest Johnson (Con)
John Sampson (Dem/WF)

Senate District 20
Carl Andrews (Dem/WF)
Anthony Herbert (Con)

Senate District 21
Sal Grupico (Rep/Con/Ind)
Kevin Parker (Dem/WF)

Senate District 22
Martin Golden (Rep/Ind/Con)

Senate District 23
Al Curtis (Rep/Ind/Con/School Choice)
Diane Savino (Dem/WF)

Senate District 25
Martin Connor (Dem/WF)

Senate District 27
Carl Kruger (Dem/Rep)
Stephen Walters (Con)

Brooklyn Assembly

Assembly District 40
Diane Gordon (Dem)
Mohammad Qureshi (Rep/Con)

Assembly District 41
Mary Madden (Rep/Con)
Helene Weinstein (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 42
Rhoda Jacobs (Dem)
Harriet Katz (Rep)

Assembly District 43
Clarence John (Rep/Con)
Clarence Norman, Jr. (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 44
Susan Cleary (Con)
James Brennan (Dem/WF)
Lawrence Littlefield (Ind)

Assembly District 45
Stephen Cymbrowitz (Dem)
Arthur Gershfeld (Rep/Con)
Paul Gouldini (Ind)

Assembly District 46
Adele Cohen (Dem/WF)
Alexander Kaplan (Rep/Con)

Assembly District 47
Glenn Bell (Con)
William Colton (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 48
Dov Hikind (Rep/Dem)
Herbert Ryan (Con)

Assembly District 49
Peter Abbate, Jr. (Dem/Ind/WF)
Fred Martorell (Rep/Con)

Assembly District 50
Joseph Lentol (Dem)
Allan Romaguera (Rep/Con)

Assembly District 51
Felix Ortiz (Dem)
Allan Romaguera (Rep/Con)

Assembly District 52
Anne Marie Coffey (Con)
Joan Millman (Dem/WF)
Scott Santandrea (Rep)

Assembly District 53
Mark Borino (Gre)
Anthony Miranda (Ind)
Vito Lopez (Dem/WF)
Theresa Prevete (Con)

Assembly District 54
Khorshed Chowdhury (Rep/Con)
Darryl Towns (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 55
William Boyland, Jr. (Dem/Ind)
Rose Laney (Rep)

Assembly District 56
Mayra Radden (Rep)
Annette Robinson (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 57
Roger Green (Dem)
Ricardo Ocasio (Rep)

Assembly District 58
Nick Perry (Dem/WF)
Dora Robertson (Rep/Con)

Assembly District 59
Robert Mahoney (Con)
Frank Seddio (Rep/Dem/Ind)

Assembly District 60
Donna Hyer-Spencer (Dem/WF)
Matthew Rones (Rep/Ind/Con)




Manhattan Senate

Senate District 25
Martin Conner (Dem/WF)

Senate District 26
Liz Krueger (Dem/WF)
Peter McCoy (Rep)

Senate District 28
Augustin Alamo Estrada (Con)
Olga Mendez (Rep/Ind)
Jose Serrano (Dem/WF)

Senate District 29
Emily Csendes (Rep)
Thomas Duane (Dem/Ind/WF)

Senate District 30
Alphonzo Mosley (Rep/Ind)
David Paterson (Dem/WF)

Senate District 31
Jose Goris (Rep)
Eric Schneiderman (Dem/WF)

Manhattan Assembly

Assembly District 64
Carrie Sackett (Ind)
Sheldon Silver (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 65
Pete Grannis (Dem/WF)
Patricia Leslie (Rep)

Assembly District 66
Deborah Glick (Dem/WF)
Nic Leobold (LBT)

Assembly District 67
Adam Shun (Rep/Ind)
Scott Stringer (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 68
Adam Clayton Powell IV (Dem)

Assembly District 69
Christopher Lanzillott (Rep)
Daniel O’Donnell (Dem/WF)
Assembly District 70
Edward Daniels (Rep)
Keith Wright (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 71
Allen Cox (Ind)
Herman Farrell, Jr. (Dem)
Faron Henry (Rep)

Assembly District 72
Martin Chicon (Rep/Ind/Con)
Adriano Espaillat (Dem/WF)
Assembly District 73
Jonathan Bing (Dem/WF)
Douglas Winston (Rep)

Assembly District 74
David Berkowitz (Rep/School Choice)
Steven Sanders (Dem/WF)



Queens Senate
Senate District 10
Ada Smith (Dem/Ind/WF)

Senate District 11
Frank Padavan (Dem/Ind/Con)

Senate District 12
Danniel Maio (Rep)
George Onorato (Dem)

Senate District 13
John Sabini (Dem/WF)

Senate District 14
Malcolm Smith (Dem/Rep/Con/WF)

Senate District 15
Serphin Maltese (Rep/Con/Ind)

Senate District 16
Toby Ann Stavisky (Dem/WF)

Queens Assembly

Assembly District 22
Evergreen Chou (Green)
Barry Grodenchik (WF)
Jimmy Meng (Dem/Con/Ind)
Meilin Tan (Rep)

Assembly District 23
Audrey Pheffer (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 24
Mark Weprin (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 25
Brian McLaughlin (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 26
Peter Boudouvas (Rep/Con)
Ann Margaret Carrozz (Dem/Ind/WF)

Assembly District 27
Nettie Mayersohn (Dem)

Assembly District 28
Michael Cohen (Dem/Ind)
Michael Weiss (Rep)

Assembly District 29
William Scarborough (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 30
Margaret Markey (Dem)

Assembly District 31
Michael Duvalle (Ind)
Michele Titus (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 32
Vivian Cook (Dem/WF)
Jereline Hunter (Rep/Con)
Assembly District 33
Barbara Clark (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 34
Ivan Lafayette (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 35
Jeffrey Aubry (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 36
Michael Gianaris (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 37
Catherine Nolan (Dem/WF)

Assembly District 38
Anthony Seminerio (Rep/Dem/Ind/Con)
Assembly District 39
Giash Ahved (Rep)
Jose Peralta (Dem/WF)


Staten Island Senate
Senate District 23
Al Curtis (Rep/Ind/Con/School Choice)
Diane Savino (Dem/WF)

Senate District 24
John Marchi (Rep/Dem/Ind/Con)

Staten Island Assembly

Assembly District 60
Donna Hyper-Spencer (Dem/WF)
Matthew Rones (Rep/Ind/Con)

Assembly District 61
Charles McLean, Jr. (Ind)
John Lavelle (Dem/WF)
John Russell (Rep/Con)

Assembly District 62
Mario Bruno Jr. (Con)
Vincent Ignizio (Rep)
Emanule Innamorato (Dem)
Robert Straniere (Ind/WF)

Assembly District 63
Michael Cusick (Dem/Ind/Con/WF)
Victor Grossman (Rep)


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