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2009 General Election Results

Winners appear in bold. These results are based on the unofficial vote tally as reported by the wire services and, as much as possible, directly from the New York City Board of Elections.

The official count from the Board of Elections can take weeks to complete and will be posted as soon as they are available. The results below are subject to change as the official count is made public.


Office Candidates Date Posted
MAYOR Michael R. Bloomberg (R, I), 50.62 percent
Stephen Christopher (C), 1.65 percent
Joseph Dobrian (L), 0.18 percent
Dan Fein (Socialist Worker), 0.14 percent
Jimmy McMillan (Rent is Too High), 0.24 percent
Billy Talen (Green), 0.82 percent
William C Thompson (D, WF), 46.04 percent
Francisca Villar (Socialism & L), 0.32 percent
PUBLIC ADVOCATE Bill de Blasio (D), 76.90 percent
Maura Deluca (Socialist Worker), 0.95 percent
William J Lee (C), 3.56 percent
Jim Lesczynski (L), 0.69 percent
Alex T Zablocki (R), 17.90 percent
CITY COMPTROLLER Stuart Avrick (C), 2.44 percent
John Clifton (L), 1 percent
Salim Ejaz (Rent Is Too High), 1.26 percent
John C Liu (D, WF), 76.02 percent
Joseph A Mendola (R), 19.27 percent

Borough Presidents

Office Candidates Date Posted
BROOKLYN Marc L D'Ottavio (R, C), 13.24 percent
Marty Markowitz (D, WF), 84.87 percent
Michael Sanchez (L), 1.89 percent
BRONX Ruben Diaz Jr. (D, C), 86.87 percent
Allison M Oldak (R), 13.13 percent
MANHATTAN David B Casavis (R), 15.92 percent
Tom Baumann (Socialist Worker), 1.74 percent
Scott M Stringer (D, WF), 82.34 percent
QUEENS Robert A Hornak (R), 20.31 percent
Helen M Marshall (D, WF), 75.61 percent
Robert Schwartz (C), 4.08 percent
STATEN ISLAND John V Luisi (D, WF), 37.26 percent
James P Molinaro (R, I, C), 62.74 percent

City Council Races

District Candidates Date Posted
Dist 1 Margaret S Chin(D), 86 percent
Irene Horvath (R), 14 percent
Dist 2 Bryan A Cooper (R), 16.09 percent
Rosie Mendez (D, WF), 83.91 percent
Dist 3 Brian C Merritt (R), 19.15 percent
Christine C Quinn (D), 80.85 percent
Dist 4 Ashok G Chandra (R, C), 24.99 percent
Daniel R Garodnick (D, WF), 75.01 percent
Dist 5 Stephen F Kaufman (R, I), 25.68 percent
Jessica S Lappin (D, WF), 74.32 percent
Dist 6 Gale A Brewer (D, WF), 80.34 percent
Joshua J Goldberg (R), 19.66 percent
Dist 7 Robert Jackson (D, WF), 95.49 percent
Firma Shlimel (L), 1.92 percent
Julius Tajiddin (Free Just & Equal), 2.58 percent
Dist 8 Melissa Mark-Viverito (D, WF) -
Dist 9 Inez E Dickens (D, WF), 91.38 percent
Abbi Lee Rogers-Haff (R), 8.62 percent
Dist 10 Ydanis A Rodriguez (D, WF), 94.74 percent
Ruben Dario Vargas (I), 5.26 percent
Dist 11 Stephen Bradian (C), 4.37 percent
G Oliver Koppell (D, WF), 79.09 percent
Stylo A Sapaskis (R), 16.54 percent
Dist 12 Martin D Badonsky (R), 10.13 percent
Larry B Seabrook (D), 89.87 percent
Dist 13 Frank Della Valle (R), 7.22 percent
James Vacca (D, R), 92.78 percent
Dist 14 Fernando Cabrera (D, WF), 87.11 percent
Lisa Marie Campbell (C), 2.21 percent
Yessenia A Duran (R), 10.68 percent
Dist 15 Joel Rivera (D, WF), 96.64 percent
Steven M Stern (R), 3.36 percent
Dist 16 Tanya Carmichael (R), 6.72 percent
Helen Diane Foster (D, WF), 92.41 percent
Keesha Weiner (C), 0.87 percent
Dist 17 Maria Del Carmen Arroyo (D), 96.86 percent
Robert Goodman (R), 3.14 percent
Dist 18 Walter G Nestler (Green)
Annabel Palma (D, WF), 87.77 percent
Leopold L Paul (R), 7.79 percent
Arqui Sanders (C), 1.36 percent
Walter Nestler (G), 3.08 percent
Dist 19 Daniel J Halloran III (R, I/L, C), 52.52 percent
Kevin D Kim (D, WF), 47.48 percent
Dist 20 Evergreen C Chou (Green), 1.66 percent
Yen S Chou (D), 44.67 percent
Peter A Koo (R, I, C), 49.60 percent
SJ Jung (WF), 4.08 percent
Dist 21 Julissa Ferreras (D, WF) -
Dist 22 Gerald F Kann (Populist), 2.05 percent
Lynne Serpe (Green), 23.44 percent
Peter F Vallone Jr. (D, C), 74.52 percent
Dist 23 Richard W Burns (C), 2.55 percent
Bob Friedrich (R), 30.05 percent
Mark S Weprin (D, I, WF), 67.40 percent
Dist 24 James F Gennaro (D, WF) -
Dist 25 Daniel Dromm (D, WF), 74.58 percent
Mujib U Rahman (R, I, C), 25.42 percent
Dist 26 James G Van Bramer (D, WF), 70.40 percent
Deirdre A Feerick (I), 5.87 percent
Angelo Maragos (R, C), 23.72 percent
Dist 27 Leroy G Comrie Jr. (D, WF) -
Dist 28 Thomas White Jr. (D), 88.43 percent
Ruben Wills (C), 11.57 percent
Dist 29 Bartholomew F Bruno (R), 21.30 percent
Karen Koslowitz (D, I), 63.40 percent
Lynn C Schulman (WF), 15.31 percent
Dist 30 Elizabeth S Crowley (D, WF), 59.36 percent
Thomas V Ognibene (R, I, C), 40.64 percent
Dist 31 Scherie S Murray (R, C), 11.01 percent
James Sanders Jr. (D, WF), 88.99 percent
Dist 32 Frank P Gulluscio (D, WF), 41 percent
Eric A Ulrich (R, I, C), 59 percent
Dist 33 Stephen Levin (D), 91.29 percent
Elizabeth Tretter (C), 8.71 percent
Dist 34 Maritza Davila (WF), 34.56 percent
Jacqueline Haro (R, C), 5.58 percent
Diana Reyna (D), 59.87 percent
Dist 35 Letitia James (D), 92.27 percent
Stuart Balberg (R), 7.73 percent
Dist 36 Al Vann (D), 63.70 percent
Mark Winston Griffith (WF), 32.34 percent
Robert Hunter (R), 3.96 percent
Dist 37 Erik Martin Dilan (D), 85.52 percent
Michael Freeman-Saulsberre (R), 10.95 percent
Melvin Brown (I), 3.52 percent
Dist 38 Sara Gonzalez (D), 81.49 percent
Allan Romaguera (R), 18.51 percent
Dist 39 Bradford Lander (D), 69.68 percent
Joe Nardiello (R), 16.65 percent
David Pechefsky (G), 6.95 percent
Roger Sarrabo (L), 3.72 percent
George Smith (C), 3.00 percent-
Dist 40 Mathieu Eugene (D), 94.27 percent
Noel Burke (L), 3.01 percent
Hugh Carr (C), 2.72 percent
Dist 41 Darlene Mealy (D), 95.52 percent
Rose Laney (R), 4.48 percent
Dist 42 Charles Barron (D), 93.04 percent
Godfrey Jelks (R), 6.96 percent
Dist 43 Vincent Gentile (D), 59.73 percent
Bob Capano (R), 40.27 percent
Dist 44 Simcha Felder (D) -
Dist 45 Jumaane Williams (D), 76.52 percent
Kendall Stewart (I), 17.42 percent
Salvatore Grupico (R), 6.06 percent
Dist 46 Lewis Fidler (D), 79.23 percent
Gene Berardelli (R), 19.46 percent
Derek Sacerdote (L), 1.31 percent
Dist 47 Domenic Recchia Jr. (D), 87.51 percent
Jennifer Adornato (C), 9.39 percent
Elon Harpaz (WF), 3.10 percent
Dist 48 Michael Nelson (D), 89.83 percent
Stephen Walters (C), 10.17 percent
Dist 49 Timothy K Kuhn (R), 16.47 percent
Kenneth C Mitchell (C), 25.36 percent
Deborah L Rose (D, WF), 58.17 percent
Dist 50 James S Oddo (R, I, C, WF), 74.84 percent
James M Pocchia (D), 25.16 percent
Dist 51 Vincent Ignizio (R), 66.10 percent
Janine Materna (D), 33.90 percent

Ballot Proposals

Ballot Proposal Number One Passed / Not Passed
Ballot Proposal Number Two Passed / Not Passed

Judicial Races

Office Candidates Date Posted
District Attorney, Manhattan Richard M Aborn (WF), 8.93 percent
Cyrus Vance Jr. (D), 91.07 percent
District Attorney, Brooklyn Charles J Hynes (D, R, C, WF) -
Supreme Court - 1st Judicial District Lucy Billings (D)
Sherilyn Dandridge (R)
Supreme Court - Supreme Court - 11th Judicial District Robert Beltrani (R, C)
John F Casey (R, C)
Joseph F Kasper (R)
Daniel Lewis (D)
Diccia T Pineda-Kirwan (D)
Thomas D Raffaele (D)
Supreme Court - 12th Judicial District Sharon A M Aarons (D)
Loraine Corsa (C)
Kenneth Thompson Jr. (D, C)
Lucindo Suarez (D)
John H Wilson (R, C)
Supreme Court - 13th Judicial District Philip Minardo (D, R, I, C) -
Judge of the Civil Court - Bronx Ruben Franco (D), 41.54 percent
Stanley Green (D), 41.02 percent
Marcos A Pagan III (R, C), 9.37 percent
Charles F Taibi (R, C), 8.07 percent
Judge of the Civil Court - Brooklyn Reginald A Boddie (D), 74.95 percent
Vincent F Martusciello (R, C), 25.05 percent
Judge of the Civil Court - Queens Jodi Orlow Mackoff (D)
Richard G Latin (D)

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