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Campaign 2005 Quiz

Campaign 2005 Quiz Is no longer available.
If it becomes available, it will reside at this link

Who do you know more about -- Michael Bloomberg, or Jennifer Lopez?

Were you concerned with the six firehouses the mayor closed or were you preoccupied with Page Six? Are you dedicated to the civic life of the city or enthralled by its celebrity culture, public-spirited or gossip-minded, a Gothamist or a gawker?

Find the answer -- it is not as easy to discover as you might think -- by taking our quiz.

Simply click on the circle next to the answer you think is correct. At the end of the quiz, you will receive a score.

After taking the quiz, leave a comment on the Message Board

1. Which of the following people is NOT running for mayor?
Michael Bloomberg
Fernando Ferrer
C. Virginia Fields
Bob Kerrey
Gifford Miller
Anthony Weiner

2. Who is actor Matthew Broderick married to?
Jennifer Lopez
Eva Moskowitz
Sarah Jessica Parker
Uma Thurman

3. How much did Paris Hilton's engagement ring cost?
$1 million
More than $2 million

4. How much did Michael Bloomberg spend on his 2001 mayoral campaign?
$2 million
$25 million
$50 million
$75 million

5. What does the head of the New York City Campaign Finance Board say are the two most critical qualities for a candidate to be elected to public office?
Intelligence and integrity
Compassion and commitment
Knowledge and know-how
Incumbency and money

6. Which mayoral candidate has not yet come out clearly in support of the proposed professional basketball arena in Brooklyn?
Michael Bloomberg
Fernando Ferrer
C. Virginia Fields
Gifford Miller
Anthony Weiner

7. Which of the following did NOT play basketball for the New York Knicks?
Bill Bradley
Patrick Ewing
Stephon Marbury
Earl The Pearl Monroe
Shaquille O'Neal

8. Which mayoral candidate says in a Spanish-language television advertisement, "Porque somos Neoyorquinos" which translates as "because we are New Yorkers"?
Michael Bloomberg
Fernando Ferrer
C. Virginia Fields
Gifford Miller
Anthony Weiner

9. Which of the following is NOT a commissioner in the Bloomberg administration?
Antonio Banderas
Willie Colon
Jennifer Lopez
Jimmy Smits

10. What were the last two places in the U.S. to receive federal funding to upgrade voting systems because local lawmakers could not agree on various voting regulations and which voting machines to purchase?
Florida and Ohio
Alaska and Hawaii
New York and California
New York and Guam

11. Which of the following likes to sing at campaign appearances?
Fernando Ferrer
C. Virginia Fields
Jennifer Lopez
Gifford Miller
Anthony Weiner

12. Which of the following issues has sparked intense disagreement among the Democratic challengers for mayor?
Education and Housing
Education, Housing and Transportation
Education, Housing, Transportation and the West Side Stadium
Just The West Side Stadium
None of the Above

13. True or False: A party official at the New York Independence Party, which recently endorsed Mayor Bloomberg for reelection, said that Jews "had to sell their souls to acquire Israel" and "function as mass murderers of people of color."

14. What is the top complaint to the city's 311 helpline?
Bad landlords
Mass transit
Water main breaks and sewer backups
Pot holes

15. Which of the following mayoral candidates has outlined bold new plans for addressing problems of bad landlords, mass transit, noise, sewer backups, and pot holes.
Michael Bloomberg
Fernando Ferrer
C. Virginia Fields
Gifford Miller
Thomas Ognibene
Anthony Weiner
None of the above

16. Which tax was NOT raised in the last four years?
Property tax
Sales tax
Income tax
Cigarette tax
Wall Street stock transfer tax

17. Which of the following Democratic candidates does NOT plan to raise taxes to help fund education?
Fernando Ferrer
C. Virginia Fields
Gifford Miller
Anthony Weiner

18. Which of the following celebrities did NOT attend school in New York City?
Claire Danes
Jennifer Lopez
Julia Stiles
Natalie Portman
Olsen Twins

19. Which of the following changes have Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Joel Klein NOT made as part of their effort to improve public education in the city?
Delayed the first day of school until one week after Labor Day.
Created a multi-million academy chaired by former GE President Jack Welch to train prospective school principals.
Reduced elementary school class size to 17 students.
Increased the amount of class time spent on reading and math.
Put Snapple in all schools.

20. Which of the following cities has a higher crime rate than New York City?
Los Angeles
San Diego
All of the above

21. Which of the following has NOT been accused of assaulting someone in New York?
Russell Crowe
Allan Jennings
Jennifer Lopez
Courtney Love
Burt Reynolds
Christian Slater

22. Which U.S. president was in office when Robert Morgenthau, the current Manhattan District Attorney, was first elected?
George Bush
George W. Bush
Jimmy Carter
Gerald Ford
Ronald Reagan

23. Which of the following City Council members is voluntarily giving up a seat to run for higher office?
Tracy Boyland
Margarita Lopez
Gifford Miller
Eva Moskowitz
Bill Perkins

24. Which of the following bills passed by the City Council did Mayor Michael Bloomberg sign into law?
A bill aimed at preventing bullying in schools
A bill to crack down on noisy car alarms
A bill to provide emergency contraception at hospitals
A bill to temporarily suspend recycling of glass and plastic

25. Which of the following people is NOT running for Public Advocate this year?
A dentist in Sunnyside, Queens
The so-called 'subway gunman'
The founder of Irving Plaza, a concert venue that has hosted performances by Bob Dylan, U2, and Marilyn Manson
A civil rights lawyer who has represented a wide array of people, including cab drivers, and members of the Ku Klux Klan, and participants in the monthly Critical Mass bicycle protest
A member of the New York State Legislature

26. Who did Mayor Michael Bloomberg say he would most like to meet?
George W. Bush
Jennifer Lopez
Nelson Mandela
Mother Teresa

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