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Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg Signs Bill Naming 81 Streets After Heroes Of 9/11

Remarks by Mayor Bloomberg at a Public Hearing on Local Laws

"The bill before me today, Introductory Number 252-A, will rename various public thoroughfares and public places throughout the City after eighty-one firefighters, police officers and civilians who died on September 11, 2001. The bill was voted out of the City Council unanimously and many of the members are here with me today."

"While no actions that we may take can ever adequately convey the appreciation that the entire City has for these heroes, erecting these signs throughout the five boroughs will at least express the City's desire to permanently remember their sacrifices and to rebuild our City in their memory. Without the courage and sacrifice of those firefighters, police officers and civilians who bravely gave their lives to rescue others, many more lives would certainly have been lost. Our actions today will show the world that our City and its people will never forget those who were lost on that terrible day."


  • Firefighters Boulevard, Bronx
  • Deputy Chief Orio J. Palmer Way, Bronx
  • Firefighter Angel Luis Juarbe, Jr. Avenue, Bronx


  • Firefighter Gregory Saucedo Triangle, Brooklyn
  • Jimmy Quinn Way, Brooklyn
  • P.O. Moira Smith Way, Brooklyn
  • Firefighter Jimmy Riches Way, Brooklyn
  • Benjamin Keefe Clark Way, Brooklyn
  • Firefighter Daniel T. Suhr Place, Brooklyn
  • Firefighter Joseph Patrick Henry Lane, Brooklyn
  • Captain Vincent E. Brunton Way, Brooklyn


  • Firefighter Manuel Del Valle, Jr. Street, Manhattan
  • Detective Claude "Danny" Richards Way, Manhattan


  • Lt. Steven J. Bates Street, Queens
  • Lt. Michael P. Warchola Way, Queens
  • Lt. Kevin Pfeifer Place, Queens
  • Lt. Kenneth J. Phelan Way, Queens
  • Firefighter Vincent S. Morello Street, Queens
  • Michael D. Mullan Way, Queens
  • AnnMarie Riccoboni Way, Queens
  • Lawrence Virgilio Street, Queens
  • Firefighter John Heffernan Street, Queens
  • Firefighter Scott A. Larsen Boulevard, Queens
  • Capt. Patrick Waters Road, Queens
  • Firefighter John J. Florio Place, Queens
  • Firefighter Sergio Gabriel Villanueva Way, Queens
  • Calvin Gooding, Jr. Place, Queens
  • Firefighter William Henry Avenue, Queens
  • Firefighter Michael Weinberg Way, Queens
  • William M. Feehan Triangle, Queens
  • Captain James J. Corrigan Way, Queens
  • Michael A. Marti Street, Queens
  • E.M.T. David Marc Sullins Place, Queens

Staten Island

  • Martin J. Egan, Jr. Corner, Staten Island
  • Jason DeFazio Way, Staten Island
  • Firefighter Salvatore Calabro Place, Staten Island
  • Donald DiFranco, Staten Island
  • Debra Ann DiMarino Way, Staten Island
  • Joseph Di Pilato Place, Staten Island
  • Steven M. Hagis Way, Staten Island
  • Michele B. Lanza Way, Staten Island
  • Lorraine Lee Way, Staten Island
  • Michael Massaroli Way, Staten Island
  • Charles A. Mauro, Jr. Place, Staten Island
  • Lt. Paul T. Mitchell Place, Staten Island
  • Salvatore T. Papasso Way, Staten Island
  • Cira Marie Patti Way, Staten Island
  • Mark Petrocelli Way, Staten Island
  • Joseph Plumitallo Way, Staten Island
  • Patricia Puma Way, Staten Island
  • Peter Raimondi Way, Staten Island
  • Joseph Reina, Jr. Way, Staten Island
  • Adele Sessa Way, Staten Island
  • Michael Stabile Way, Staten Island
  • Firefighter John P. Tierney Place, Staten Island
  • Joseph G. Visciano Place, Staten Island
  • Frank Thomas "F.T." Aquilino Way, Staten Island
  • Adam P. Arias Way, Staten Island
  • Louis F. Aversano, Jr. Way, Staten Island
  • Michael E. Beekman Way, Staten Island
  • Firefighter Greg J. Buck Place, Staten Island
  • Milton Gilberto Bustillo Way, Staten Island
  • Monica Goldstein Way, Staten Island
  • Vincent Laieta Jr., Way, Staten Island
  • Jeannine LaVerde Way, Staten Island
  • Stephanie McKenna Way, Staten Island
  • Richard Miuccio Way, Staten Island
  • Lt. Philip S. Petti Place, Staten Island
  • Shawn E. Bowman, Jr. Way, Staten Island
  • Firefighter Thomas P. Hannafin Place, Staten Island
  • Robert J. Shay, Jr. Way, Staten Island
  • Firefighter Michael Cammarata Place, Staten Island
  • Lt. Joseph Gullickson Way, Staten Island
  • Carl A. DeFranco Avenue, Staten Island
  • Brian Nunez Way, Staten Island
  • Anne Marie Martino-Cramer Way, Staten Island
  • Kristen L. Montanaro Way, Staten Island
  • Firefighter Lenny Ragaglia Way, Staten Island
  • Lt. Chuck Margiotta Way, Staten Island
  • Lt. Michael T. Quilty Way, Staten Island
  • Assistant Chief Gerard A. Barbara Way, Staten Island

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