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Adams 2021: Government - A More Effective City

City agencies each keep their own records and data, with little productive interaction. Far too many New Yorkers fall through the cracks and it is largely up to government to find ways to help them.

My plan includes using technology to make government more effective by tailoring New Yorkers’ interaction with the City down to the person.

That includes:

  • Building one digital platform – MyCity — for New Yorkers to access all City services.
  • Creating a Recovery Score to track our progress with analytics.
  • Coordinating a real-time service delivery system under my First Deputy Mayor.

Our MyCity portal will help small business owners operate effectively. 

They will be able to better manage paperwork and have direct access to permitting agencies, such as the Department of Buildings. Those who opt-in can use a chip-enabled City ID to sail through in-person interactions with agencies, instantly have access to a bank account, and even get loyalty discounts at participating local businesses. In sum, this a 311 for the digital age.

I will coordinate public and non-profit delivery of services directly overseen by my top deputy.

We cannot continue to rely so heavily on non-profits to provide critical services funded by the City. Right now, there is no central authority in City government to oversee and coordinate delivery of these services on a daily basis. That hamstrings our ability to find efficiencies and savings that will better deliver services to more New Yorkers. My administration will create a real-time reporting system for services delivery across a unified network, overseen by the First Deputy Mayor.

We will find better deals.

Far too many City contracts just keep getting renewed or extended despite poor performance. At the beginning of the new administration, all contracts over $10 million will be put under immediate review, and we will eliminate those that are ineffective, or that we can do better.

We will find value and new revenue from City properties.

New York City owns and controls billions of dollars worth of property across the five boroughs, representing huge potential value and revenue to pay for critical City services when we most need them. We will immediately do a complete inventory of all City properties and determine best use — whether they should be utilized by government agencies, used for housing or services, sold, or leased — in order to reduce costs across City government and yield income that can be put toward core services to maintain and improve quality of life.

We will maintain our infrastructure with non-profit partnerships.

At a time when we are facing massive multi-billion-dollar City deficits, New York needs to be creative about how it pays for and manages expensive pieces of its essential infrastructure. For instance, by expanding the role of franchises to handle capital projects in our parks, we will partner with conservancies who can execute work faster and cheaper than the City.

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