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Who’s Running for What in the 2021 New York City Elections

runners first ave

Who's running? (photo: Michael Appleton/Mayor's Office)

The party primaries for New York City’s 2021 elections are rapidly approaching. All of city government will be on the ballot next year, with most of the seats “open” due to term limits while some incumbents seek reelection. Two of three citywide elected officials -- the mayor and the comptroller -- are term-limited out of office, as are four of the five borough presidents, and most of the 51-seat City Council.

While a lot will change between now and November of 2021, when many races will ultimately be decided, most of the action in heavily-Democratic New York City will be in the Democratic primaries set for June. Any primaries in the Republican Party or other parties will also be in June.

2021 will also see the launch of ranked-choice voting in New York City, for special and party primary elections only. The system is likely to get its first implementation in one or more special City Council elections that could be held early next year if Donovan Richards ascends to become Queens Borough President and Ritchie Torres wins the election in the 15th Congressional District in the Bronx -- both won their respective primaries. There are other possible and likely special elections for next year as well.

There are already hundreds of candidates who have filed to run for various city government seats in 2021, with somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 candidates expected by the time the races really heat up late this year into next. Many candidates have begun reporting fundraising to the New York City Campaign Finance Board.

Between those filings with the CFB and other sources, below is a developing list of who is running for what in 2021.

The list does not include party labels (almost all of the candidates are Democrats) and includes mostly confirmed candidacies, as well as some that are apparent, in consideration, or rumored but not yet declared. An asterisk (*) denotes an incumbent.

This list is a work in progress that will be updated many times. Have an addition or correction? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with subject line “2021 candidates.”

Mayor (current: Bill de Blasio)
Eric Adams
John Catsimatidis
Shaun Donovan
Cleopatra Fitzgerald 
Aaron Foldenhauer
Kathryn Garcia
Zach Iscol
Max Kaplan 
Abbey Laurel-Smith
Carlos Menchaca
Ray McGuire
Dianne Morales
William Pepitone
Christine Quinn
Julia Qing Reaves
Curtis Sliwa
Scott Stringer
Loree Sutton
Joycelyn Taylor
Maya Wiley

Public Advocate (current: Jumaane Williams)
Theo Chino 
Gwen Goodwin
Anthony Herbert
Jumaane Williams*

Comptroller (current: Scott Stringer)
Brian Benjamin
Brad Lander 
David Weprin
Kevin Parker 

Brooklyn District Attorney (current: Eric Gonzalez)
(not technically a city office)
Eric Gonzalez*

Manhattan District Attorney (current: Cy Vance)
(not technically a city office)
Tahanie Aboushi
Alvin Bragg
Liz Crotty
Diana Florence
Lucy Lang
Janos Marton
Eliza Orlins
Dan Quart
Cy Vance*
Tali Farhadian Weinstein

Bronx Borough President (current: Ruben Diaz Jr.)
Fernando Cabrera 
Vanessa Gibson
Victor Gutierrez
Nathalia Fernandez

Brooklyn Borough President (current: Eric Adams)
Robert Cornegy Jr.
Kimberly Council
Khari Edwards
Mathieu Eugene 
Antonio Reynoso
Jo Anne Simon
Lamor Whitehead-Miller

Manhattan Borough President (current: Gale Brewer)
Lindsey Boylan
Elizabeth Caputo 
Brad Hoylman
Benjamin Kallos
Mark Levine
Kimberly Watkins 

Queen Borough President (current: Sharon Lee)
TBD (2020 special election is ongoing, with Donovan Richards having won the Democratic nomination and Joann Ariola the Republican nominee)

Staten Island Borough President (current: James Oddo)
Steven Matteo
Leticia Remauro

City Council District 1 (current: Margaret Chin)
Gigi Li
Jenny Lam-Low
Maud Maron 
Christopher Marte
Denny Salas

City Council District 2 (current: Carlina Rivera)
Carlina Rivera*

City Council District 3 (current: Corey Johnson)
Leslie Boghosian Murphy
Erik Bottcher
Phelan-Dante Fitzpatrick
Marni Halasa 
Aleta LaFargue
Arthur Schwartz

City Council District 4 (current: Keith Powers)
Jordana Lusk
Keith Powers* 

City Council District 5 (current: Ben Kallos)
Billy Freeland
Joshua Kravitz 
Rebecca Lamorte 
Kim Moscaritolo 
Tricia Shimamura 
Christopher Sosa 

City Council District 6 (current: Helen Rosenthal)
Gale Brewer
Sara Lind
Seth Rosen
Zack Weiner

City Council District 7 (current: Mark Levine)
Shaun Abreu 
Marti Allen-Cummings
Daniel Cohen
Maria Ordonez
Lena Melendez 
Corey Ortega
Luis Tejada

City Council District 8 (current: Diana Ayala)
Diana Ayala*

City Council District 9 (current: Bill Perkins)
Kristin Jordan 
Ruth McDaniels
Bill Perkins
Sheba Simpson-Amsterdam

City Council District 10 (current: Ydanis Rodriguez)
Carmen De La Rosa
Manny De Los Santos
Angela Fernandez
Johanna Garcia
Josue Perez
Everett Reed
Nayma Silver

City Council District 11 (current: Andrew Cohen)
Eric Dinowitz 
Jessica Haller
Abigail Martin
Daniel Padernacht
Marcos Sierra

City Council District 12 (current: Andy King)
Pamela Hamilton-Johnson
Kevin Riley 

City Council District 13 (current: Mark Gjonaj)
Mark Gjonaj*
Marjorie Velázquez

City Council District 14 (current: Fernando Cabrera)
Fernando Aquino
Haile Rivera 
Pierina Sanchez
Socrates Solano 
Yudelka Tapia 

City Council District 15 (current: Ritchie Torres)
Ischia Bravo 
Elisa Crespo 
Oswald Feliz 

City Council District 16 (current: Vanessa Gibson)
Leonardo Coello 
Abdourahamane Diallo 
Uniqua Smith
Althea Stevens

City Council District 17 (current: Rafael Salamanca Jr.)
Lattina Brown
Rafael Salamanca Jr.*

City Council District 18: (current: Ruben Diaz Sr.)
Michael Beltzer
Amanda Farias 
Darlene Jackson 
Eliu Lara 

City Council District 19 (current: Paul Vallone)
Tony Avella
Adriana Aviles
Nabaraj KC
Richard Lee
Vickie Paladino
Austin Shafran

City Council District 20 (current: Peter Koo)
Hailing Chen
John Choe
Sandra Ung
Neng Wang

City Council District 21 (current: Francisco Moya)
Ingrid Gomez
Francisco Moya*
Talea Wufka

City Council District 22 (current: Costa Constantinides)
Andy Aujla
Jaime-Faye Bean
Leonardo Bullaro
Tiffany Cabán
Jesse Cerroti 
Evie Hantzopoulos 
Felicia Kalan
Nicholas Roloson 
Rod Townsend

City Council District 23 (current: Barry Grodenchik)
Christopher Fuentes-Padilla
Jaslin Kaur
Linda Lee

City Council District 24 (current: Rory Lancman)
Moumita Ahmed
Stanley Arden
James Gennaro
Neeta Jain
Dilip Nath
Deepti Sharma
Mohammed Uddin

City Council District 25 (current: Danny Dromm)
Fatima Baryab
Lucy Cerezo Scully
Suraj Jaswai
Shekar Krishnan
Manuel Perez
Alfonso Quiroz

City Council District 26 (current: Jimmy Van Bramer)
Tavo Bortoli 
Lorenzo Brea 
Julia Forman 
Heajin Kim
Sultan Maruf
Brent O’Leary
Bianca Ozeri
Julie Won

City Council District 27 (current: I. Daneek Miller)
Timothy Turane
Nantasha Williams

City Council District 28 (current: Adrienne Adams)
Adrienne Adams*

City Council District 29 (current: Karen Koslowitz)
David Aronov
Evan Boccardi 
Eliseo Labayen 
Sharon Levy
Howard Pollack
Lynn Schulman
Edwin Wong

City Council District 30 (current: Robert Holden) 
Juan Ardila
Robert Holden*

City Council District 31 (current: Donovan Richards)
Latoya Benjamin
Monique Charlton
Latonya Collins
Alicia Hyndman
Franck Joseph
Nancy Martinez
Pesach Osina
Shaun Rux
Manuel Silva

City Council District 32 (current: Eric Ulrich)
Kaled Alamarie
Ruben Cruz
Michael Scala
Shaeleigh Severino
Felicia Singh
Kenichi Wilson

City Council District 33 (current: Stephen Levin)
Elizabeth Adams
Victoria Cambranes 
Toba Potosky
Lincoln Restler
Stuart Sherman
Benjamin Solotaire
April Somboun 

City Council District 34 (current: Antonio Reynoso)
Sean Esrafily
Jennifer Gutierrez 

City Council District 35 (current: Laurie Cumbo)
Alejandra Caraballo
Renée Collymore
Curtis Harris
Michael Hollingsworth
Crystal Hudson 
Regina Kinsey
Terrance Knox
Deirdre Levy
Hector Robertson 

City Council District 36 (current: Robert Cornegy Jr.)
Henry Butler
Regina Edwards
Gregory Green
John Joyner 
Chi Osse'
Ralph Yozzo 

City Council District 37 (current: vacant)
2020 special election is ongoing, with Darma Diaz likely to win
Misba Abdin 
Kimberly Council
Darma Diaz
Ricarte Echevarria 
Sandy Nurse 

City Council District 38 (current: Carlos Menchaca)
Alexa Aviles 
Rodrigo Camarena 
Whitney Hu
Yu Lin
Ceasar Zuniga 

City Council District 39 (current: Brad Lander)
Jennifer De Luca
Shahana Hanif
Mamnunal Haq
Nicole Hunt
Justin Krebs 
Briget Rein
Douglas Schneider
Brandon West 

City Council District 40 (current: Mathieu Eugene)
Cecilia Cortez
Brian-Christopher Cunningham
Maxi Eugene
Kenya Handy-Hillard
Rita Joseph 
Kenneth Lee 
Vivia Morgan 
Blake Morris
Josue Pierre
Edwin Raymond

City Council District 41 (current: Alicka Ampry-Samuel)
Alicka Ampry-Samuel*

City Council District 42 (current: Inez Barron)
Charles Barron
Wilfredo Florentino
Nikki Lucas
Gena Watson

City Council District 43 (current: Justin Brannan)
Justin Brannan*
Paul Mendez

City Council District 44 (current: Kalman Yeger)
Kalman Yeger*

City Council District 45 (current: Farah Louis)
Anthony Beckford 
Farah Louis* 
Cyril Joseph 
Louis Cespedes  

City Council District 46 (current: Alan Maisel)
Gardy Brazela 
Donald Cranston
Zuri Jackson
Mercedes Narcisse
Judy Newton
Shirley Paul
Dimple Willabus

City Council District 47 (current: Mark Treyger)
Alec Brook Krasny
Joseph Packer
Steven Patzer

City Council District 48 (current: Chaim Deutsch)
Amber Adler 
Boris Noble 
Steven Saperstein
Harold Tischler
Inna Vernikov

City Council District 49 (current: Deborah Rose)
Phillipe-Edner Apostal-Marius
Amoy Barnes 
Selina Grey 
Kamillah Hanks
Troy McGhie
Morounranti Ogunleye
Kelvin Richards 
Nicholas Robbins 

City Council District 50 (current: Steven Matteo)
Sal Albanese
David Carr
Sam Pirozzolo
George Wonica 

City Council District 51 (current: Joseph Borelli)
Joseph Borelli*

Undeclared Office But Filed with the CFB
Al-Hassan Kanu 
Marcelle Lashley-Kabore
Roberto Lizardo

Did we miss someone or make an error? Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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