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The 20 Most-Read Op-Eds Published by Gotham Gazette in 2021

new yorkers with opinions

New Yorkers with a lot to say (photo: Michael Appleton/Mayor's Office)

Gotham Gazette publishes a wide range of guest op-ed columns by a diverse set of voices. Below are the 20 most-read op-eds published by Gotham Gazette in 2021. Please note that the opinions expressed in the guest columns are those of the authors alone and not of Gotham Gazette, any of its staff, affiliates, or partners. [Find the latest in the Opinion section here.]

1. Expanding State Extended Unemployment Benefits Could Protect 395,000 New Yorkers, But the Legislature Must Act Now - by Will Raderman

2. Community Health Groups Must Be Part of New York City’s COVID-19 Reckoning - by Miosotis Munoz

3. The Major Problems with New York City’s School Reopening Plan - by Leonie Haimson

4. Exercising Mental Fitness as We Move Forward with Our Covid Recovery - by Chirlane McCray

5. New York’s Congressional Redistricting Could Be Tipping Point in Midterm Battle for the House - by Jim Brennan

6. Ending New York’s Love Affair with Life Sentences - by Anthony Dixon

7. Unable to Move De Blasio, Carranza Leaves a Still Deeply Divided School System - by Gail Robinson

8. Covid Vaccination and the New York City Recovery - by Jim Brennan

9. Bill De Blasio Has Been A Good Mayor, Actually - by Joel Wertheimer

10. The Next Mayor Can End New York City’s Rat Problem; Here’s How - by Michael A. Lewis

11. Mayoral Candidates Flunk First Budget Test - by Carol Kellermann

12. Everything is Connected: New York City’s Climate Crisis Demands a New Way of Thinking - by Donovan Finn

13. The Truth About Neighborhood Rezonings, Housing, and Demographic Change - by Sandy Hornick

14. De Blasio Leaves Adams a City Budget Mess - by Joseph Borelli

15. When Jewish Votes Don’t Count - by Rabbi Yaacov Behrman

16. No Equity or Excellence as Mayor and DOE Chancellor Abandon Overcrowded Schools - by Arthur Goldstein

17. The Next Mayor Our City Needs - by Henry Garrido

18. 6 Years After DOE Yeshiva Complaint, City Yet to Take Action as Kids Suffer - by Yonah Kohn

19. Apocalypse Now: Can Eric Adams End the Helicopter Onslaught? - by Julia Vitullo-Martin

20. Don’t Let Kathryn Garcia Get Hillary’d - by Kaivan Shroff

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