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Shaun Abreu

Shaun Abreu

  • Courts and Other Officials Must Act Now to Protect Right to Counsel in Eviction Proceedings

    Protect housing for the most vulnerable (photo: Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office)

    Five years ago, New Yorkbecame the first city in the country to create a right to counsel for low-income tenants facing eviction. Unfortunately, this right is now being hollowed out by the combination of a recent explosion of eviction cases and a shortage of tenants’

  • Latino Vote '21 Podcast: Shaun Abreu Pursues a City Council Seat in Manhattan

    lv shaun ab

    Shaun Abreu (photo: @ShaunAbreu)

    Shaun Abreu, the Democratic nominee in City Council District 7, joined the Latino Vote '21 pop-up podcast from Gotham Gazette and hosted by Eli Valentin. The podcast is focused on Latino voters and candidates in New York City's 2021 city government elections.

    Listen through the audio below or find this and other episodes under the "Max Politics" podcast stream wherever you get podcasts:

  • ‘Open Restaurants’ Shouldn’t Close Them Down

    food center frank ies dot

    Outdoor dining (photo: @NYC_DOT)

    Surviving as a restaurant in New York City was never easy. But more than a year of indoor dining restrictions and the economic ruin of a global pandemic brought many restaurants that were able to hold on to the brink of bankruptcy. That is why we cheered when the city announced the permanent extension of the Open Restaurants program back