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Vanessa Aronson

Vanessa Aronson

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    Amanda Litman (via @amandalitman)

    Gripping two drinks, Amanda Litman, co-founder of a political action committee dedicated to helping young people run for office, arrived at a New York University classroom with a kick in her step. The 27-year-old political campaign veteran-turned-author walked in holding an iced coffee with soy milk and three Splendas in one hand and a tiny bottle of San Pellegrino water in the other.

    “The quickest way to age is to work on a political campaign,” said Litman, former email director for

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    Vanessa Aronson, left, is the author (photo: Aronson campaign)

    Sometimes it sounds like machine gun fire. Sometimes like the wail of a banshee. Sometimes like a wheezing dragon. And sometimes like all three at the same time.

    I’m talking about the jackhammers, construction equipment and crews digging up your street for power cables, sewer work, and high-speed internet conduits. It’s an unfortunate part of New York City living. But it doesn’t have to be that way, especially for broadband fiber optics.

    New York City must deal with its noise pollution, and should quickly