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The Last Word in School Funding?

Nov 27, 2006

If Governor George Pataki needs a motto to hang above the mantle in his new home on Lake Champlain, he could consider "Haste Makes Waste." Education advocates might prefer, "Justice

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Special Ed: Needs Improvement

Oct 09, 2006

To Chris Schwabenbauer, getting an education for her autistic son is a matter of basic rights. So she became irate when a principal of his host school barred

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Is Homework Necessary? Also: A Truce Over Teaching Math

Sep 26, 2006

One educational dispute seems to be calming down, while another is heating up. IS HOMEWORK NECESSARY? The debate over homework has been heating up amid the annually renewed battles between parents and

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Teen Activists

Aug 14, 2006

Last summer, with a grant from the United Nations, teenagers at the organization Open Road of New York interviewed neighborhood kids to find out what they thought their

The Padlocked Playgrounds

Aug 11, 2006

The basketball courts at PS 92 in Harlem, the handball court at MS 44 on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, and the red monkey bars with the spiral slide at PS

How Will Power Shift To The Principals?

Jul 27, 2006

The idea behind Chancellor Joel Klein's latest reorganization of schools is this: Principals -- not superintendents -- should run schools and control the lion's share of the budget. It is a simple idea,

Giving Principals More Control

Jun 23, 2006

This spring, the city's 1,400 principals got a choice: Do you want to stay with your current boss? Or do you think you could run your school better on your

Grading Students, Grading Schools

Jun 05, 2006

Sixteen-year-old Kiri Davis took a black doll and a white doll to a Harlem daycare center and asked the children there, all of whom were black, which doll they liked