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animal rights

animal rights

  • bp adams presser

    Eric Adams at a dog run (photo: Eric Adams Flickr)

    The election is finally over, and Eric Adams will be New York City’s next mayor, winning handily with 66% of the vote before the counting of absentee ballots. Sadly, the excellent animal issues platform put forth by the Republican/Independent candidate, Curtis Sliwa, might well be forgotten.

    For the most part, the media ignored it – including at the two televised

  • Wanted: A New York City Leader Who Takes Animal Rights Seriously

    Dogs for adoption (photo: Edward Reed/City Council)

    Animal issues were given short-shrift in the recent Democratic primary for New York City Mayor. In fact,  most of the major Democratic candidates did not come out publicly in support of any important animal concerns. In 2013, the last open mayoral race, animal issues were front and center in the election. This included a mayoral debate on animal issues attended by almost every candidate jockeying for support from the animal protection

  • fur city council

    An activist at a City Council hearing (photo: John McCarten/City Council)

    Word from European countries that they will be killing millions of minks because of coronavirus outbreaks jumping from animals to humans on farms is shockingly upsetting.

    But the real offense here is that the minks were being farmed to be killed anyway for the fur industry and that atrocity doesn’t really garner headlines anymore.

    By now the world is aware that zoonotic diseases – diseases that spread from animals to humans such as COVID-19, Ebola, HIV, H1N1, Mad Cow

  • animal rights histor

    (photo: @theanimalvoters)

    A landmark package of nearly a dozen animal protection measures is set to pass the New York City Council this week, championed by Speaker Corey Johnson, along with several other members. The strength of our city’s progressive roots grows deeper with the passage of this animal protection package, and it will be a defining moment in our city’s history.

    What does it say about a society that allows horses to pull carriages in rush-hour traffic in the blistering summer heat or restaurant menus to offer for sale a product

  • furban race

    (photo: @theanimalvoters)

    The world around us is changing. People are making more ethical choices concerning the environment and the welfare of other species. We’re starting to use less plastic because of the impact it has on our oceans and ocean life. More and more people are choosing vegan milks and meats as they come to understand the ill effects that factory farming has on the planet.

    A ban on fur in New York City would be a step in the same ethical direction.

    New York has long been considered a fashion Mecca. We have always set the pace for others to follow, but on the issue

  • beaut fox

    (photo: Pixabay License)

    Industries that exploit and abuse animals have a lot of money and a lot to hide. Whether it be the fur industry, which abuses and kills animals for their skins, or the foie gras industry, which rams a foot-long pipe down the throats of innocent ducks for a luxury food item, resorting to Trump-like tactics of lies, fear-mongering, and bullying is a telltale sign that you’re on the wrong side of history.

    In New York City, we have two of the most abusive and morally bankrupt industries on earth -- fur and foie gras -- spending hundreds of

  • eshv logo

    (image via ESHV)

    In one of the most politically divisive times this country has ever seen, there is still one unifying, bipartisan issue that now – more than ever – needs your support: protecting animals from abuse and neglect.

    Over 90% of Americans believe that animals deserve protection from abuse and exploitation. Yet today, in contrast to overwhelming public sentiment, basic protections for animals are under attack in this radically altered political landscape. Recent reports are chilling: Congress obliterated restrictions protecting wildlife from cruel and