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Gotham Gazette's New York City Quiz

So you think you know New York City? Take our quiz and see if you are really an expert. And if you do not know an answer, you can read more about it in articles in Gotham Gazette. Good Luck!

  1. Which is the longest subway ride on a single train?
    A. the "2" Train
    B. the "A" Train
    C. the "G" Train
    D. the "7" Train

  2. Which of these was NOT a Major League baseball team in New York City?
    A. Brooklyn Dodgers
    B. Bacharach Giants
    C. Cuban Stars
    D. Manhattan Giants

  3. What is the average speed of cross-town automobile traffic in Manhattan?
    A. 5.2 m.p.h.
    B. 14 m.p.h.
    C. 40 m.p.h.
    D. 55 m.p.h.

  4. Last year, 321,000 city students received letters warning that...
    A. they should be prepared for a transit strike.
    B. school water fountains are breeding grounds for West Nile Virus.
    C. they may have to attend summer school
    D. school lunches were being cut.

  5. Which of the following is NOT an acronym for a New York City neighborhood?
    A. Soho
    B. DUMBO
    C. Nolita
    D. Redho

  6. What is the largest park in New York City?
    A. Central Park
    B. Gramercy Park
    C. Pelham Bay Park
    D. Flushing Meadows Corona Park

  7. How many surveillance cameras track the movements of New Yorkers every day?
    A. 8,439
    B. 2,397
    C. 1,028
    D. 652

  8. Which of the following is NOT a real proposal for the waterfront of New York City?
    A. Developing office and residential high-rises in Long Island City.
    B. Turning Governor's Island into a casino.
    C. Building an art museum that looks like a giant piece of aluminum foil.
    D. Building a Disney resort near Riverside Park.

  9. Which item is currently housed in City Hall, and therefore nearly impossible for the public to visit?
    A. The Giant's Super Bowl Trophy
    B. The Yankee's World Series Trophy
    C. The receipt for the purchase of Manhattan from the Indians
    D. A Starbucks Coffee espresso cart

  10. The Fresh Kills landfill, where much of the city's trash was put for the last 53 years (until just recently), is bigger than which of these human-made wonders?
    A. The Great Wall of China
    B. The Taj Mahal
    C. The Titanic
    D. All of the above

  11. How much did the Tweed Courthouse, which was built in 1870, and sits behind City Hall cost to build?
    A. $250,000
    B. $7.1 million
    C. $7.2 million
    D. $13 million

  12. Which of these novels is NOT set in New York?
    A. Native Son
    B. The Age of Innocence
    C. The Great Gatsby
    D. Washington Square

Shalimar Aldafari and Alex Viado also contributed to the quiz. Information and statistics from the Encyclopedia of New York and Gotham Gazette

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