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Business Improvement Districts

Business Improvement Districts

  • Bidding on the South Bronx

    walsh a rubdj

    A busy Bronx street (photo: Ruben Diaz Jr/Flickr)

    A recent New York Times editorial entitled “Save New York’s Small Business” strongly encourages the city to become more small business-friendly and “go big.” I would suggest that when it comes to saving our small businesses and neighborhoods, often it is not the big that is needed – it is the go part. Getting stuff done in improving neighborhoods can be very challenging.

    From Flatbush Avenue to Fordham Road, Business Improvement Districts (BID) have become a very effective and powerful tool in engaging property owners and

  • Business Association Calls on Mayor to Launch 'Open Stores' Program to Help City's Struggling Retail Sector

    business calls progs

    Mayor de Blasio at a press conference (photo: Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office)

    Though New York City has begun a slow march towards economic recovery, many small businesses, including retailers deemed non-essential, are still struggling to stay afloat as sales have decreased and customers are reluctant to return. While a great deal of focus has been on the city’s extensive restaurant industry, other small businesses are seeking a lifeline from city government. In a letter sent on Wednesday to Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council, the

  • Ten Examples of How Our Business Improvement District is Thriving

    spring street park

    Spring Street Park (photo: Hudson Square BID)

    International marketing, advertising and public relations firms; a medical tech company; an incubator for artists and performers; a genomic research institution; a local pharmacy, the home of three of the nation’s leading public radio stations; a billion-dollar travel website.

    While they serve different audiences and tackle different challenges, they share a certain spirit of ingenuity that tends to define great businesses and innovative thinkers.

    They also share a neighborhood: the public parks,

  • What's The [DATA] Point? 348 and 74

    whats the data point

    What's The Data Point? Episode 18 -- 348 and 74 [You can download What's The [Data] Point? wherever you get your podcasts, including on iTunes]

    348 74 277

    This week's data points are 348 and 74 as we bring you a two-part show, each featuring the author of a new CBC report out this week.

    348 is the number of Local Development Corporations and Industrial Development Agencies in

  • How the City Hurts Small Businesses

    cn1bdgywyaael6s.jpg large

    Street vendors protest the city's cap on permits (photo: @VendorPower)

    Independent small businesses -- bodegas, pizza joints, shoe repair shops, fruit vendors -- are the heart and soul of New York City. But they are facing a crisis. Every day there is another story about some beloved neighborhood shop closing due to skyrocketing rents. Landlords then warehouse the vacant spaces in hopes of signing a lease with a bank or big chain. WNYC recently counted ...