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Democratic National Convention

Democratic National Convention

  • Democratic Voters are Electing Presidential Delegates; Here’s How It Works and What It Means

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    Electors voting in Albany in 2016 (photo: Kevin P. Coughlin/Governor's Office)

    The Presidential Primary is complicated. As New York State’s failed attempt to cancel it shows, there’s more at stake than just the Democratic nominee. Instead, hundreds of delegates are running around the country in their own right to give their communities a seat at the table.

    So, what do delegates do? And why, in New York, can you vote for presidential candidates and delegates separately?

    Selecting the Party nominee for President
    When you vote for the

  • Making the Democratic State Committee More Democratic and New York's DNC Delegation More Representative

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    (photo: New York Democratic Party)

    With 2020 approaching and a contentious Democratic presidential primary underway, all eyes are the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and its shepherding of the Demcoratic Party apparatus. Far fewer eyes are the Democratic State Committees, constituted in each state, which select the rarefied membership of the National Committee every four years.

    In many states, State Committees are a big deal. They are the primary strategic planner for their party’s political efforts, and a key conduit for funding to

  • In Philadelphia, Cuomo and De Blasio Call for Unity, Show None

    cuomo de blasio dnc

    Cuomo, de Blasio & others at the DNC (photo via NY Democratic Party on flickr)

    “Number one, the main goal coming into this convention was to make sure we left unified,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Thursday morning, apparently without a sense of the irony in such a statement. Cuomo, the Democratic governor of New York, continues to be locked in a feud with Bill de Blasio, the Democratic mayor of New York City, which produces a

  • The Week Ahead in New York Politics, July 25

    New York City Hall

    New York City Hall

    What to watch for this week in New York politics:

    All eyes are on Philadelphia this week as the Democratic National Convention takes place there, Monday through Thursday. Last week saw the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, where Donald Trump was formally nominated for President, and Mike Pence for Vice President. This week, Hillary Clinton will be

  • New Yorkers Head to the Democratic National Convention

    clinton rally w de blasio cuomo mark-viverito stringer

    A March Clinton rally in NYC (photo: Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America)

    New York is heavily Democratic and the state will have a major presence at this week's Democratic National Convention, not least because its delegation will be seated front and center in the Philadelphia arena because the presumptive presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, calls the Empire State home. It's a similar dynamic, at least in that last regard, to last week's Republican National Convention, where lifelong New Yorker Donald

  • New Yorkers, Including the Presidential Nominees, Head to the National Party Conventions

    RNC banner

    The RNC approaches (image via @GOPconvention)

    The next two weeks will see the formal nominations of the two major party candidates in the contest to succeed Barack Obama as President of The United States. First, this week, Republicans are expected to nominate Donald J. Trump, who on Saturday morning introduced Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate. On Saturday, Trump promised “we’re going to have an incredible convention.” The theme of the convention is "Make America Great Again," which has been Trump's campaign