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Special Flushing Waterfront District

Special Flushing Waterfront District

  • What's The [Data] Point? 29, The Debate Over the Special Flushing Waterfront District

    whats the data point

    Special Flushing Waterfront District development rendering

    What's The [Data] Point? 29, The Debate Over the Special Flushing Waterfront District [You can download What's The [Data] Point? wherever you get your podcasts, including on iTunes]

    The proposed Special Flushing Waterfront District has become the latest battle in the ongoing war over development in New York City. The proposal, which now sits with the City Council after being passed by the City Planning Commission, is for a large swath of Flushing and would house new

  • The Tragedy of Wealth Inequality in the City’s Asian-American Community, and What To Do About It

    Flushing celebration mayor's office

    A celebration in Flushing, Queens (photo: Michael Appleton/Mayor's Office)

    When I first entered office in 2013, I joined other elected officials in the time-honored tradition of attending ribbon-cutting ceremonies. Most of the time, these were for hotels, fancy restaurants, and even luxury condos.

    Hard-hat and shovel in hand, I said the usual things about economic growth and prosperity that these projects would hopefully bring to Flushing, and we were all rewarded for this “insight” by the media.

    This was the status quo—enabling

  • Green Gentrification and Environmental Racism in Flushing

    flushing creek site citi field view sfwd

    One part of the Special Flushing Waterfront District site

    Flushing residents, local environmental organizations, and nonprofit groups have long despaired over Flushing Creek. The waterway has been a symbol of environmental racism and community disinvestment for many years; it frequently runs cloudy and sulphurous with industrial waste and sewage overflow.

    In 2016, local environmental organizations Guardians of Flushing Bay and the Riverkeeper released ...

  • Letter to the Editor: Flushing Waterfront Follies

    sfwd current plot map

    The current site of the proposed Special Flushing Waterfront District

    To The Editor:

    In “Separating Fact and Fiction About the Special Flushing Waterfront District,” published earlier this week and in part an apparent response to my criticism of the Special Flushing Waterfront District (SFWD) in these pages, the

  • Separating Fact and Fiction About the Special Flushing Waterfront District

    sfwd rendering

    Rendering of the Special Flushing Waterfront District

    There are several myths and mischaracterizations about the Special Flushing Waterfront District (SFWD) that we as owners want to set the record straight about. Here are several key facts about the project.

    SFWD does not provide an advantage to obtain building height.
    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey have already provided Letters of No Objection to allow height increases for the Special Flushing Waterfront District. SFWD only provides a consolidation

  • A Flushing Tragedy Underscores Acute Affordable Housing Crisis

    Flushing food line

    A line for food in Flushing (photo: Emil Cohen/City Council)

    Pedro Rodriguez posted a video to Facebook of a homeless man bent over and lifeless in his cardboard shelter made up of several boxes, with one serving as the shelter’s threshold where the elderly Asian man had neatly placed his shoes. Posted this past Saturday morning, Rodriguez’s video ended with Fire Department responders lifting the man’s torso and ascertaining he had died hours earlier. Rodriguez, who works at La Jornada, Flushing’s largest food pantry, noted a growing presence of

  • Queens Deserves Better Than a Development Plan That Benefits Too Few

    arc slide1

    Flushing Waterfront development rendering

    When faced with a crisis, whether 9-11 or Hurricane Sandy, New York has always rebuilt. The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic damage means that, now more than ever, we need to invest in our city. 

    But that doesn’t mean that all development is created equal, or that all proposed projects should get a blank check under the guise of recovery. That is why we have a review process for developments seeking to

  • Big Flushing Project Up Next in City Debate Over Development

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    Flushing Waterfront development rendering

    When the developers behind Industry City, a massive retail and manufacturing space, announced that they had pulled the plug on their plan to rezone a portion of their property on the Sunset Park waterfront in Brooklyn, community activists in Flushing, Queens celebrated. 

    The proposed Special Flushing Waterfront District is a planned rezoning to usher in massive development along Flushing Creek, and is now being eyed by both proponents and critics as the next big New York City land use battle. The debate over the Flushing

  • Special Flushing Waterfront District: A Massive Giveaway?

    as cuomo proposes

    Flushing Special Waterfront District protestors

    Most Flushing community stakeholders, including at least one Community Board 7 member, learned from a December YIMBY article that a massive waterfront rezoning and special district application had been certified by the City Planning Commission, initiating the seven-month ...