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Special Coverage of The Anniversary

The press throughout the country is focusing their efforts on covering the anniversary of the September 11 attacks. Below is a selection of some of the most prominent newspapers, television channels and other media that are highlighting their September 11 coverage.


New York Times: A Nation Challenged
The New York Times features archives of its news coverage, including images of the website's homepage and the print edition's front page from September 11. Comprehensive news coverage links to the paper's coverage on the war on terrorism and the effects of September 11 in the city. There is a searchable index of the victims of September 11 and the Portraits of Grief profiles written about each of the victims. Resources for students and teachers are also available.

New York Times Book Review: Reading 9/11
The New York Times Book Review's anniversary coverage includes a September 11 reading list and a critical essay by Walter Kirn about the themes and merits of the mountains of 9/11 books that appeared after the attacks "like flowers after a funeral."

New York Post: Special Coverage "Those We Lost"
The New York Post's "Those We Lost" anniversary section includes a list of all who died in the World Trade Center attacks, with their ages and occupations. The section also runs stories about the rescue workers who found the body of Rev. Mychal Judge, called "Father Mike," an interview with an 18-year-old whose father died in the attacks and a profile of a couple who met on Sept. 11, 2001.

Daily News - Special Coverage of 9/11 Anniversary
The Daily News coverage of the September 11 anniversary features an extended essay by Pete Hamill recalling the events of September 11 a year ago. Other stories about September 11 take a look at the impromptu memorials that sprung up around the city; stories of the workers at Ground Zero; the outpouring of money into charities set up to help aid victims of September 11 and their relatives; and a look at the cultural repsonse to 9/11.

Newsday: Special Section - 9/11 One Year Later
Highlights in Newsday's coverage of the 9/11 attacks include a feature on security one year later; profiles of survivors; excerpts from letters and artwork by students and children responding to the attacks; and a searchable list of anniversary-related events throughout the city and Long Island.

Christian Science Monitor - September 11: One Year Later
Christian Science Monitor takes a personal look at the one-year anniversary of September 11, with profiles of Muslims, immigrants and workers throughout the country expressing how they feel their worlds have changed in the last year.

Chicago Sun-Times: 9/11 One Year Later
The Chicago newspaper hosts a special section that features coverage of the impact of the attacks on Illinois and discussions with survivors and victims' relatives, as well as news coverage of changes in security.

Washington Post: One Year Later
The newspaper of the city that was also victim to the attacks last September 11 features articles about the aftermath of the suicide bombing of the Pentagon and the survivors. Also included is an interactive photo essay of photos from Ground Zero and words from 1,400 readers who wrote in to say how their lives were changed after 9/11. Front Page Gallery: Comparing 9/11/01 and 9/11/02, a journalism website, created a gallery last year of all the front pages of newspapers for September 12, the day after the World Trade Center attacks. This year, they have created a gallery comparing front pages from last year on September 12 with front pages this year on September 11.


The Economist: 9/11 One Year On
The Economist's section commemorating the anniversary of the September 11 attacks looks at how the U.S. has (or has not) changed, saying that 9/11 was like "a bolt of lightning that brilliantly and briefly illuminated the landscape without changing it. The storm passed."

Newsweek - Beyond 9-11: Stories of Hope and Survival
Newsweek and MSNBC focus on the survivors of September 11, with interviews of five who survived the attacks and an interactive audio portrait. The site also provides links to commentary about Ground Zero from Maya Lin, Rudy Giuliani and Anna Quindlen.

The New Yorker: One Year Later
The New Yorker's anniversary coverage includes a history of the World Trade Center site, reflective talk of the town pieces by three widows, and three poems that respond in different ways to September 11 2001.

People Magazine - United In Courage
People Magazine focuses exclusively on human-interest stories about September 11, with profiles of survivors and victims' relatives and articles about the contributions of the entertainment industry to charities after September 11.

Time Magazine - September 11: A Nation Remembers
Time Magazine highlights 11 profiles of "lives changed irrevocably" since September 11. Also included are a collection of Time Magazine covers since September 11 and a collection of photo essays, with images from the Fresh Kills Landfill and from Ground Zero.


BBC News - September 11th: One Year On
The BBC News website features a section about the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, with features about the war on terrorism as well as about the reaction in New York City and around the world. Aside from eyewitness accounts and recollections of the day, the site also features an animated guide to the collapse of the towers as well as a feature on the effect of the attacks on Chinatown in lower Manhattan. A photo essay also highlights images from Ground Zero.

CNN - America Remembers
CNN's coverage includes an interactive timeline of the events of September 11; news about the war on terrorism; a look at the cleanup of Ground Zero; and links to proposals sent in by readers.