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Rebuilding NYC

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•  A Look at the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation
•  The Federal Government's Role

•  Carl McCall on What Albany Must Do

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A Look at the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation
This state entity will most likely have the final say as to what will be developed on the World Trade Center site. Find out more about this authority.

The Federal Government's Role
The federal government holds the purse strings for billions of dollars in aid to the city. Find out more about the efforts on the federal level.

Gotham Gazette Articles

Altering The Political Landscape (09/10/02)
Susan Reefer, columnist for Gotham Gazette's column about voting and elections, takes a look at how September 11 changed the political dialogue throughout the city, from the postponement of last year's primary elections to the current governor's race.

What's the Formula for Prosperity? (08/12/02)
The latest Bloomberg administration idea to attract jobs and investment to New York City is a land swap that would give up two city airports in exchange for city control of the World Trade Center site. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Daniel Doctoroff are also jockeying to play host to the Olympics and build a new stadium on the West Side. A look at the pros and cons of these and other Bloomberg administration moves to restore New York's economy.

Transcript of Chat with Lou Tomson (07/22/02)
Read a transcript of Wednesday's live online chat with Lou Tomson, president of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. Find out what he said during our conversation as Tomson fielded questions about the six plans for the World Trade Center site.

Transcript of Chat with Madelyn Wils (07/16/02)
Gotham Gazette held a live chat with Madelyn Wils, head of Community Board 1 and member of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, on Tuesday July 16. Read a transcript of our chat with her, and find out what she had to say about the plans released by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and what the priorities are for downtown residents.

A Conversation With Alex Garvin (06/10/02)
Gotham Gazette's Rebuilding NYC had its first live online chat on Tuesday, June 11, as Alex Garvin, lead planner for the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, answered questions about rebuilding downtown. Read the transcript from our conversation and find out what Garvin thinks rebuilding after September 11 resembles most in history. Also, read a profile of the Yale University planning professor and lifelong New Yorker who now wields considerable influence over what will be built at the World Trade Center site.

The First Public Hearing (05/24/02)
"Given that this is the first public hearing, it is disappointing...that so many decisions have already been made," said Margaret Hughes, one of the dozens of speakers at the first public hearing about rebuilding downtown held by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and the Port Authority. Among those who testified were family members of victims, residents of downtown neighborhoods, architects, advocates, officials and the civic-minded. Edited transcripts of testimony about health concerns, the memorial, suggested designs, the reasons why some feel betrayed.

John Whitehead On The Present And Future Of Downtown (04/08/02)
The Chair of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, John Whitehead, presents an update on the status of the recovery of Lower Manhattan and lays out his organization's plans for what will be done to rebuild downtown.

Six Months Later (03/11/02)
The city has made an amazing recovery in the six months since the terrorist attacks. Ground Zero will soon be cleared of rubble. Subways, schools, and businesses have reopened. And two temporary memorials will be unveiled this week. But as New York moves to the next phase of rebuilding there are many unanswered questions about what to build, who is in charge, and how it will be funded. Gotham Gazette takes a look at the status of recovery and rebuilding, how far we have come and where we are headed.

Profile of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation - PDF format (02/15/02)
Good Jobs New York has produced the first comprehensive person-by-person profile of the eleven members of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. Find out who on the commission is a film financier; a community activist; the "ultimate power broker;" and a one-time dinner guest of a Taliban leader. (The report is in PDF format)

The Make-Up Of The Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Corporation - January 2002
Tom Angotti takes a look at what he calls the "top-heavy" makeup of the Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Corporation.

Three Alternatives To An Independent Authority For Lower Manhattan - January 2002
Land Use columnist Tom Angotti comes up with three alternatives to the state authority to insure a community-based approach to rebuilding downtown: ULURP, SEQR, and 197-A.

What Albany Must Do
If downtown Manhattan is to thrive once more, the city and state have to work together, writes State Comptroller Carl McCall. The candidate for governor offers his plan for what state and city officials must do if we are to restore the financial district and move forward.

Latest News

Claims Linger for 9/11 Victims - Sep 12, 2004
Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently proclaimed the city "back in business," three years after the devastating World Trade Center attack of Sept. 11, 2001. Still, few New Yorkers would deny the lingering effects of the attacks. (Newsday )

Suspending Campaigns, Kerry, Bush Mark 9/11 Anniversary - Sep 12, 2004
On a day reserved for remembrance, President Bush and Sen. John Kerry stepped off the campaign trail Saturday to mark the three-year anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks with warm words for the victims' families. (Chicago Tribune )

Fundraising For Memorial Has Yet to Begin - Sep 11, 2004
Eight months after the World Trade Center memorial design was unveiled, Gov. Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg have yet to find a prominent person willing to lead the foundation that's raising the money to build it. (New York Daily News)

Bush Now Supports Larger Role for New Intelligence Post - Sep 9, 2004
President Bush said on Wednesday that he wanted to give a new national intelligence director "full budgetary authority,'' a sharp shift from an earlier position and an acquiescence to a major recommendation of the Sept. 11 commission. (New York Times )

Bipartisan Bill Would Adopt All Recommendations of 9/11 Commission - Sep 8, 2004
An influential bipartisan group of members of Congress, backed by leaders of the Sept. 11 commission, said on Tuesday that they were offering a bill in the House and Senate to enact virtually all the commission's recommendations, including its call for a national intelligence director to oversee all of the government's spy agencies. (New York Times )

New York Officials Reject New Homeland Security Funding Plan - Sep 8, 2004
A Republican plan to give New York more anti-terror funding in time to mark Saturday's 9/11 anniversary hit a wall yesterday after Mayor Bloomberg and other lawmakers said the proposal is useless. (New York Post )

On Eve of Anniversary, A Look at Rebuilding Progress - Sep 8, 2004
The past year has seen plans move forward in re-developing the World Trade Center site, including the start of work on the Freedom Tower. In the following report, NY1ís Roger Clark takes a look at the progress as we close in on the third anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. (NY1)

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