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Rebuilding NYC

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The Psychological Impact
There is no doubt that September 11 has taken a psychological toll on New Yorkers. Learn more about how New Yorkers have been reacting and what resources are available to help you deal with mental stress caused by September 11.
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Relatives of Victims: Their Story
The relatives of the victims of September 11 have become a potent force and an outspoken voice in the city.
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Health Risks Near Ground Zero?
Are there really health risks for those that live or work near Ground Zero? A number of articles and stories seem to suggest this may be the case.
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Looking Back on September 11
Four months after the attacks, engineering and insurance investigators are still looking back on September 11.
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Gotham Gazette Articles

An Unprecedented Attack On New York's Environment (09/10/02)
Gotham Gazette columnist Eric Goldstein takes a look at the effects on the environment throughout the city after the collapse of the World Trade Center.

Coping With 9/11 (09/10/02)
Some 500,000 people are believed to have post-traumatic stress disorder after the World Trade Center attacks, three times the nationwide rate. Maia Szalavitz takes a look at how the psychological community is helping people suffering emotionally after September 11.

Air Quality At Ground Zero (05/10/02)
Eric Goldstein, Gotham Gazette's Environment columnist, takes a look at the Environmental Protection Agency's reversal of policy this week concerning indoor cleaning and testing for air quality. Is it too little, too late? Or a triumph for New Yorkers?

The Psychological Impact (03/18/02)
Mental and emotional stress from September 11 is still a major issue for many New Yorkers. In our new section about the psychological impact you can find news and information about how New Yorkers are dealing with the stress even today and how they can find help.

Six Months Later (03/11/02)
The city has made an amazing recovery in the six months since the terrorist attacks. Ground Zero will soon be cleared of rubble. Subways, schools, and businesses have reopened. And two temporary memorials will be unveiled this week. But as New York moves to the next phase of rebuilding there are many unanswered questions about what to build, who is in charge, and how it will be funded. Gotham Gazette takes a look at the status of recovery and rebuilding, how far we have come and where we are headed.

Archiving 9/11 (02/25/02)
Archeological artifacts, one-of-a-kind photographs of John F. Kennedy, original manuscripts by Helen Keller, and of course, millions of documents from businesses were lost when the World Trade Center buildings collapsed. In the months since the attack, historians and archivists have struggled to assess what has been lost. And now they face the task of sorting through the enormous amount of information documenting September 11.
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Chinatown Tries To Recover (02/01/02)
Outside of Ground Zero, no other neighborhood in New York City was as adversely affected by the tragic events of 9/11 as Chinatown. Yet while most of the focus of the rebuilding effort, understandably, has centered around Ground Zero and the west side of lower Manhattan, the needs of Chinatown and its roughly 100,000 residents have been largely overlooked.

Living Near Ground Zero (12/10/01)
The only member of the Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Corporation who actually lives in Lower Manhattan, Madelyn Wils, blasts the city for its inaction in helping the residents living near Ground Zero. Etta Sanders asks the people living downtown what it has been like in the past three months. Ann Farmer looks at the tenants who are still not permitted back into their building near the World Trade Center site, a building with the horribly appropriate name of Post Towers.

Two Views Of The Twin Towers (10/15/01)
As New Yorkers debate whether to replicate the World Trade Center, few have asked why the complex was built in the first place. Was it both the symbol and reality of global finance, as economist Rosemary Scanlon argues? Or was it just an elaborate scheme to bail out mid-century downtown business interests, as Robert Fitch maintains?

What You Should Do (10/08/01)
Rebuilding New York City includes restoring New Yorkers' psyches. Maia Szalavitz talks to one of the world's leading, and most opinionated, experts on post-traumatic stress disorder.

A History Of Crisis And Recovery (10/01/01)
In the very first week after the attack, the mayor looked to history for comfort and instruction in how New Yorkers could respond. The historical event he focused on was the blitz of London during World War II. But, as New Yorkers can discover in hundreds of history-related events starting this week, there is comfort and instruction as well in the long series of crises and recoveries that make up the history of New York City.

Latest News

9/11 Anniversary is Marked Around the Country - Sep 12, 2004
They gathered at a hole in the ground in Lower Manhattan, a lonely patch of earth in rural Pennsylvania and a spot near the healed breach in the seat of military power, the Pentagon. The crowds were smaller than in past years, the grief perhaps muffled a bit by the gauze that time weaves over raw wounds, as hundreds drew close to the sites of the worst terrorist attack in United States history yesterday to remember and mourn those lost three years earlier, on Sept. 11, 2001. (New York Times )

As 9/11 Slips into the Past, New York Pauses to Mark Anniversary - Sep 12, 2004
With broken voices and shattered hearts, parents of 9/11 victims read the litany of the lost at the World Trade Center site yesterday to mark the third anniversary of the terror attacks. But the constant noise of traffic on the adjacent West Side Highway was a reminder of how, for many in New York and the nation, the horrors of 9/11 have begun to slip into the past. (New York Daily News)

Quotes from 9/11 Commemoration - Sep 12, 2004
"There's no other place to be. It's just a place to reconnect. This is where he was last." -- Anne Allen of Fort Lee, N.J., who lost her brother, Salvatore Pepe, and was at the ground zero memorial. (Newsday )

Some Mourning 9/11 Losses Avoid Ground Zero - Sep 12, 2004
Recent interviews with more than 300 relatives of those killed on September 11, 2001 found that scores have not been to ground zero since the attacks. They have their own reasons: dread. Privacy, a feeling at odds with something as public as a ceremony shown live on television. Anger at officials they believe did not do enough to prevent the attacks. Fear, among some who do not live in Manhattan, of going to the place that was forever changed and that forever changed them. (New York Times )

9/11 Families Make What May Be Last Trip to Ground Zero - Sep 12, 2004
Relatives of those who died at the World Trade Center walked seven stories down to the bedrock yesterday, knowing the descent to the hallowed ground may be their last. (New York Daily News)

Fresh Tear on Third Anniversary of Attacks - Sep 12, 2004
Thousands of weeping mourners, four dramatic moments of silence and one gut-wrenching recitation of the names of the dead combined yesterday at Ground Zero to somberly mark the third anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. (New York Post )

Firefighter Honor Those Killed on 9/11 - Sep 12, 2004
Quiet ceremonies honoring the hundreds of firefighters killed at the World Trade Center were held across the city yesterday, as a large number of Bravest chose to mourn the third anniversary of 9/11 away from Ground Zero. (New York Post )

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