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Rebuilding NYC

More About The Anniversary

•  Events and Ceremonies Commemorating 9/11
•  Links To Other Tributes and Remembrances

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The Anniversary
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The Second Anniversary
The second anniversary of September 11 will be commemorated by the return of the twin beams of the "Tribute in Light," and a ceremony at Ground Zero. Read a schedule of the city's commemoration plans.

Also, see our calendar of events for other commemorations.

Project Liberty's recommendations for the second anniversary of 9/11.

Archive of Events and Ceremonies Commemorating 9/11/02

Collections of September 11 In Culture
We have compiled lists of cultural works that respond to September 11.

Special Coverage of 9/11 In The Media
Websites of newspapers, cable channels and other media outlets put together special sections devoted to covering the first anniversary of 9/11. Our page featuring this coverage links to sites hosted by the New York Times, the Economist, the BBC News, and other sites from around the world.

Links To Other Tributes and Remembrances
Online there are a number of sites with information about other projects and organizations devoted to remember 9/11, from memorial quilts to comic books. Find out more about these tributes.

How Did You Commemorate the First Anniversary of September 11?

There were events all around the city marking the one-year anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks. Tell us about your September 11, 2002.

Latest News

Governor Open to Scrapping West Street Tunnel Plan - Jul 17, 2004
With his clothes still wet after kayaking to Tribeca, Gov. George Pataki indicated for the first time that he was open to not building a West St. tunnel. Pataki told Downtown Express that he would let the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. make the decision on the tunnel and he thought the state-city agency would also make significant investments on Downtown’s proposed commuter-airport rail link and the Hudson River Park. (Downtown Express)

Seen and Heard on the Third Anniversary of 9/11 - Sep 17, 2003
Snapshots from the ceremony, interviews with residents and commemorations in Union Square. (Downtown Express)

A Day of Quiet Remembrance at Ground Zero - Sep 15, 2003
Recognizing that some families and friends of those who died might prefer a more private opportunity to visit the site, the city offered them a chance to descend to the bottom of ground zero yesterday, and to spend as much time there as they liked. (New York Times)

At Ceremony, Quick Thinking Makes Sure No One Is Forgotten - Sep 13, 2003
The overwhelming grief and intense national interest in the three-hour commemoration at ground zero on Thursday left no room for a mistake. And so at the last minute, Michele Stabile of Staten Island stood up and delivered a correction that preserved unblemished the most somber message of that moment. (New York Times)

Mayor: Tribute Must Be Turned Off - Sep 13, 2003
Despite renewed calls for the Tribute in Light to serve as a permanent memorial, Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday that such a move would cheapen its meaning. (New York Daily News)

Another 9/11, and the Nation Mourns Again - Sep 12, 2003
Two years after terrorists turned commercial jetliners into missiles bearing down on quintessential symbols of American wealth and power, the nation paused yesterday to remember the 3,016 fathers and mothers and friends who did not come home that day. (New York Times)

For New Yorkers, A Silent, Tearful Pause Before Life Roars On - Sep 12, 2003
Sept. 11, 2003, made its presence felt yesterday in New York City in countless small and bigger ways. For some people, it landed at daybreak like a blow to the chest. For others, it hovered, a persistent ache. For at least a few, it was a whisper as they went about their business, a memory receding. (New York Times)

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