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  • People Living with HIV in New York Need Housing Support Now

    Housing (photo: Edwin J. Torres/NYC Mayoral Photography Office)

    If you haven't learned how hard it is to find housing in New York these days, I envy you. Whether it’s a one bedroom apartment or a house with room for three kids and a dog, everyone can feel the strain of jacked-up prices and limited options. The difference is, if you’re living in a place upstate like I am in Rochester, the supply is even more limited. And that’s before you factor in that I’ve been living with HIV for more than 20 years.

    It’s easy to see

  • Three Plagues, and Counting

    Vaccination (photo: Adam Schultz/Official White House)

    In the earliest months of the COVID-19 pandemic, I wrote a column aboutLessons from Two Plagues. Even then, it was apparent that there were sad parallels between it and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. COVID-19 has killed...

  • An Opportunity for Progress in Combating the City’s Housing Crisis

    A rendering of The Lirio

    The ongoing affordable housing crisis in New York City requires bold solutions. We must house more people, especially in vulnerable populations. In Hell’s Kitchen we have an opportunity to do just that with The Lirio, a newly proposed 112-unit affordable housing development, which will include affordable homes for long-term survivors of HIV/AIDS.

    New York City has been in an immense housing crisis for decades. Although our population and job demand have grown, we haven’t built enough housing to keep up. Now we

  • Removing Obstacles to Gender-Affirming Care Will Help New York End the HIV Epidemic

    protect lgbtq honor

    An affirmation of transgender rights (photo: Don Pollard/Office of Governor Kathy Hochul)

    World AIDS Day is an opportunity to celebrate the progress we have made in the fight against HIV/AIDS, while recommitting ourselves to Ending the Epidemic once and for all. While we have come a long way since the 1980s, some communities have been left behind. Ending the Epidemic will require a sustained focus on populations placed at highest risk, particularly people of transgender experience.

    Recent finding shows that...

  • Pride and Ending the HIV Epidemic in New York This Year

    pride epidemic

    June is Pride month (photo: Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office)

    Octavia Leona Kohner is a former sex worker and a survivor of sexual assault. As a woman of transgender experience, she’s 49 times more likely than the general population to be HIV positive. But Octavia is HIV negative. She’s an example of the tremendous progress we’ve made in our effort to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in New York State -- an epidemic that has disproportionately impacted the LGBTQ community and communities of color.

    Six years ago, New York set out to end HIV by 2020, and thanks to

  • Lessons from Two Plagues

    fri health hos

    (photo: Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office)

    My career in public health and health care is bookended by plagues. I graduated from college in the 1980s and moved to the West Coast. It was a time of freedom and fun and I was living what felt then like an “adult” life; I had a job, my own apartment, a car, a dog, a boyfriend. Life was good.

    But something dark and sad was hovering around me at the same time. The HIV/AIDS pandemic was in full effect. By 1990, more than 120,000 Americans had died of the mysterious disease. I knew people who were sick or

  • The Power to Prevent New Infections is In Our Hands

    eric adams credit

    Brooklyn BP Eric Adams, the author (photo: Erica Sherman/Brooklyn BP's Office)

    The world of medicine has advanced significantly in the battle against many chronic diseases, including the discovery of the polio vaccine and reversing the effects of diabetes and heart disease. However, one battle continues to be fought in research labs and on the ground in communities across America and around the world — the fight to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

    While New York State has been a fearless leader on a national level in the effort to end this disease,

  • A New York New Year's Resolution: End the AIDS Epidemic

    Cuomo AIDS Day

    Gov. Cuomo (photo: Kevin P. Coughlin/Office of the Governor)

    The year 2016 could go down in history as the pivotal year in New York's fight against HIV/AIDS. Nearly 35 years after The New York Times reported the first cases of what would later be recognized as AIDS, New York State is poised to become the first jurisdiction in the world to end its HIV epidemic, even without a cure, by stopping new infections and ending AIDS deaths.

    Thanks to Governor Andrew Cuomo's leadership, New York State has developed a viable plan that, if fully funded

  • The Week That Was in New York Politics, Nov 30-Dec 4

    week in review bus readers

    photo: Stanley Kubrick via Museum of the City of New York

    Gotham Gazette's Week in Review, Friday December 4, 2015

    PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Sheldon Silver outside the courthouse, via Zack Fink of NY1