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The 20 Most-Read Op-Eds Published by Gotham Gazette in 2020

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New Yorkers with a lot to say (photo: Michael Appleton/Mayor's Office)

Gotham Gazette publishes a wide range of guest op-ed columns by a diverse set of voices. Below are the 20 most-read op-eds published by Gotham Gazette in 2020. Please note that the opinions expressed in the guest columns are those of the authors and not of Gotham Gazette, any of its staff, affiliates or partners.

1. Rebuild Hospital Capacity in Queens Before It's Too Late, Again - by Lynn Schulman

2. Supporting Law Enforcement and Reforming the NYPD are Not Mutually Exclusive — I Know From Experience - by Ashley Waters

3. What Those Targeting the SHSAT Don’t Really Understand About the Specialized High School Picture - by Amir Davis

4. Without Federal Aid, MTA Bloodbath Will Be Even Worse Than Its ‘Doomsday’ Plan - by Rachael Fauss

5. Now More Than Ever, New York City Needs Leaders to Welcome Jobs - by Carol Kellermann

6. Advice for the Next Mayor from a Veteran of the City Hall Trenches - by Eric Phillips

7. Cuomo’s Density Dodge: Pandemics Aren’t Anti-City, Failure to Act Early Is - by Aaron Carr

8. New York Must Not Exacerbate Disparities Again: Key Considerations for Equity in Covid Vaccination - by Dr. Uché Blackstock & Mark Levine

9. The Bronx to SoHo: Pull Your Weight in Addressing the City's Housing and Segregation Crises - by John Sanchez

10. New York’s Wrongly Open Skies - by Julia Vitullo-Martin

11. To Reopen Schools, The Mayor Needs Smaller Classes - Here’s $570 Million in Potential Department of Education Savings to Get Him Started - by Leonie Haimson

12. Not a Novel Crisis at CUNY - by Matt Brim

13. Who Traffic Enforcement Agents Really Are, and Why They Must Remain Part of the NYPD - by Bob Master & Rebecca Greene

14. Real Criminal Justice Reform Requires Standing Up to Fear-Mongering - by Justine Olderman, Lisa Schreibersdorf, Tina Luongo, Stan German & Matt Knecht

15. The Unexpected Way to Make Your Vote Actually Matter in New York This Presidential Election - by Ilya Schwartzburg

16. New York City Needs a Resiliency Plan that Creates Green Jobs for New Yorkers - by Shaun Donovan

17. ‘Real’ Unemployment in New York City is as High as 25%, with 1 Million Out of Labor Force Due to Pandemic - by Jim Brennan

18. Desperate Acts of Vandalism Won’t Help Homeless People or Stop Me from Representing My Clients - by Randy Mastro

19. When the School Segregationist Dog Whistle Becomes a Bullhorn - by Rigodis Appling, Diana Nevins, Olayemi Olurin & Jason Wu

20. Our Opportunity to End Solitary Confinement in New York City Jails - by Keith Powers

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