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Agenda 2019

Agenda 2019 

With the dust not yet settled after the 2018 elections, it is time to start looking ahead to next year. In AGENDA 2019, Gotham Gazette and City Limits are partnering to preview the key issues at hand for 2019 in New York City and State politics. Over the course of eight weeks, we will provide in-depth reporting and analysis on essential political and policy issues driving the agenda in what promises to be an intense and important year in New York, from newfound governmental power and always-interesting city-state dynamics, from saving the subways to criminal justice reform, and much more. Through reporting and opinion, radio and television, we will provide essential information and thoughtful discussion as New York heads toward a 2019 that will be full of decision-making of great magnitude.

-Agenda 2019: Major Policy Tests for State and City by Gotham Gazette & City Limits (11/9/18)

-Cuomo's Third Term Agenda Takes Shape by Gotham Gazette (11/11/19)

-Max & Murphy Podcast: Soon-to-be Democratic Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins (11/14/18)

-Andrea Stewart-Cousins on Taking the Senate Reins, the Democratic Agenda & Getting Inside 'The Room' by Gotham Gazette (11/18/18)

-As Democratic Senate Becomes Reality, Unclear How Hard Assembly Majority Will Push Prior Agenda by Gotham Gazette (11/26/18)

-Agenda 2019: Eyes on Senate Democrats and 3 Key Criminal Justice Reforms by City Limits (11/12/18)

-The Right to Know is Law - Will the NYPD Abide by It? opinion in Gotham Gazette (11/13/18)

-More Formerly Incarcerated New Yorkers Were Able to Vote This Year, But Barriers Remain by Gotham Gazette (11/14/18)

-Mayor's Commission Must Probe Link Between Over-Policing and Low Turnout opinion in City Limits (11/14/18)

-Max & Murphy Podcast: Assemblymember Latrice Walker on criminal justice reform and more (11/14/18)

-2019 is the Year to Totally Change Policing in New York City opinion in City Limits (11/15/18)

-Queens District Attorney Race Will Center on Push for Reform by Gotham Gazette (11/16/18)

-Enact Sweeping Criminal Justice Reform Responsibly opinion in Gotham Gazette (11/16/18)

-Assemblymember Walker, Sponsor of Bail Reform Bill, Optimistic About 2019 by Gotham Gazette (11/18/18)

-For Dems Promising Criminal Justice Reform, Opposing Trump or the IDC Won't Be Enough opinion in City Limits (11/16/18)

-City Must Choose Between Two Different Visions of Policing opinion in City Limits (11/16/18)

-Several Roads to Decarceration, All of Which Should Be Taken opinion in Gotham Gazette (12/6/2018)

-As We Close Rikers, Criminal Justice Reformers are Ready for Full Partnership in Albany opinion in Gotham Gazette (12/17/2018)

-Agenda 2019: Long List of Transit Questions Starts with Saving the Subways by Gotham Gazette (11/20/18)

-Half-Priced MetroCard Program Will Launch in '19, But with Limits by City Limits (11/19/18)

-Mayor De Blasio Should Make 2019 the Year of the Bus Rider opinion in City Limits (11/20/18)

-Placard Abuse is Corruption; 2019 is the Year to End It opinion in Gotham Gazette (11/21/18)

-NYC's Transit Workers Deserve Help, Not the Hatchet opinion in City Limits (11/21/18)

-Max & Murphy Podcast: Congestion Pricing & the MTA in 2019 (11/21/18)

-Infrastructure Planning Should Not Include Vilifying Workers opinion in Gotham Gazette (11/23/18)

-Designing Bus Routes to Attract Passengers and Reverse Declining Ridership - opinion in Gotham Gazette (11/19-26/18) -Part 1 -Part 2 -Part 3

-New York City Shouldn't Regulate Ride-Hailing Apps - It Should Compete with Them opinion in Gotham Gazette (11/29/18)

-From Rent Regs to Rezonings, 2019 Will Feature Key Housing Policy Fights by City Limits (11/27/2018)

-Artificial Intelligence, not ‘Greedy Landlords,’ is the Real Threat to Tenants opinion in City Limits (11/26/2018)

-NYC Residents: Tell Us About Your Gas, Electric, Heat or Water Problems by City Limits (11/27/2018)

-New York Now Has ‘Right to Counsel,’ but Tenant Organizing Still Matters opinion in City Limits (11/27/2018)

-Allegations of Tenant Harassment in Bushwick Spotlight Issues with City Enforcement, State Rent Laws by Gotham Gazette (11/28/2018)

-It's Time for Real Rent Regulation Reform Across New York State opinion in City Limits (11/28/2018)

-Video: Brooklyn Minister Says What NYCHA Needs Most is City Hall Leadership in City Limits (11/28/2018)

-Max & Murphy Podcast: Homelessness & Affordable Housing Developmentin Gotham Gazette in Gotham Gazette (11/29/18)

-The Potential Role for Church Land Amid NYC’s Housing Needs opinion in City Limits (11/29/18)

-WATCH: Agenda 2019: Rent Regulations & Affordable Housing in Gotham Gazette (11/29/18)

-Pushing the Envelope on Rent Reform in Albany 2019 opinion in Gotham Gazette (11/29/18)

-Amazon Will Deliver More Displacement to NYC’s Working Class opinion in City Limits (11/30/2018)

-As Affordability Crisis Becomes More Acute, Real Estate Donations Emerge as Litmus Test for Some Democrats in Gotham Gazette (11/30/2018)

-Panel Previews 2019 Rent Regulation Discussion in Albany in Gotham Gazette (12/5/2018)

REFORM WEEK - Voting, Campaign Finance, Government Ethics (Dec. 3)
Next Steps for 3 City Charter Revisions Passed Election Day in Gotham Gazette (12/3/2018)

-Agenda 2019: High Hopes for Long-Awaited Reforms in Gotham Gazette (12/4/2018)

-Term Limits Heighten Need for Community Boards to Become Data Literate opinion in Gotham Gazette (12/5/2018)

-A Simple First Step to Help the MTA Re-Establish Credibility opinion in Gotham Gazette (12/4/2018)

-WATCH: Agenda 2019: Movement Expected on Reform, But What Will It Look Like? in Gotham Gazette (12/6/2018)

-Fixing NY’s ‘Dictatorial’ Budget Process is the Reform We Need Most opinion in City Limits  (12/6/2018)

-Max & Murphy Podcast: De Blasio Finishes Year 5 & The Push for 'Fair Elections for New York' in Gotham Gazette (12/6/2018)

-Key Decisions Loom for Citywide Effort to Involve Residents in Budget Decisions in City Limits  (12/6/2018)

-Commission Recommends Pay Increases and Ethics Reforms for State Legislators in Gotham Gazette (12/7/2018)

-Moving Toward a Metro-Regional Approach to Planning and Advocacy opinion in Gotham Gazette (12/7/2018)

-On Census Preparations, State Lags While City, Advocacy Organizations & Business Community Move Ahead in Gotham Gazette (12/10/2018)

-‘It’s just not designed to do its job’: Will New York reform its state ethics agency? in Gotham Gazette (12/13/2018)

-With Full Democratic Control, Sponsors of Single-Payer Health Care Hopeful About 2019 by Gotham Gazette (11/14/18)

-New York Votes for a State Senate that Trusts Women opinion in Gotham Gazette (11/16/18)

-3 Ways New York Must Advance Reproductive Rights opinion in Gotham Gazette (3/22/18)

-The Obstacles Facing Single-Payer in New York are Also Precisely Why its Fans Want It in City Limits (12/12/2018)

-NYS Needs Single-Payer. But Health Reforms Can’t Stop There. opinion in City Limits (12/13/2018)

-A Closer Look at ‘Vital Brooklyn,’ Cuomo’s Plan for ‘One of the Greatest Areas of Need in the Entire State’ in Gotham Gazette (12/14/2018)

-Building the School Girls Deserve in New York City opinion in Gotham Gazette (12/14/2018)

-Tax Issues at Center of State Elections, Albany Year to Come by Gotham Gazette (11/5/18)

-Agenda 2019: City & State Budgets on Mostly Solid Ground, with Major Questions Looming in Gotham Gazette (12/17/2018)

-UrbaNerd: Who Holds New York City’s Debt? in City Limits (12/19/2018)

-Alarmist Commentary on City Budget Misjudges Responsible Growth opinion in City Limits (12/21/2018)

THE YEAR AHEAD WEEK - biggest questions & top priorities for the year ahead (Dec. 24)
-WATCH: A Veteran & A Rookie Discuss 2019 Plans for New State Senate Majority in Gotham Gazette (12/21/2018) 

-Max & Murphy Podcast: Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul on 2019 Priorities in Gotham Gazette (12/21/2018) 

Other Topics
-Let’s Lead the Way on Gun Background Checks in New York opinion in Gotham Gazette (2/22/18)

-New York Needs a Green New Deal opinion in Gotham Gazette (9/21/18)

-A 'Green New Deal' for New York and More: Where the Climate Change Conversation is Headed in 2019 in Gotham Gazette (1/4/2019)

by Ben Max, Gotham Gazette

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